PAX West 2023: 30XX Hands-On Preview | Hey Poor Player

HPP doubles back to preview 30XX for the second year in a row at PAX West, and comes away extremely pleased as a fan of rogue-likes and Mega Man games.

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Retroman88d ago

Was there Washington State Convention Center Saturday.
I've seen "Nothing " interesting to see or wanted to buy . either they were open world games or indie games or some kind of Mario game. most people were walking around looking disappointed and sad.

Best thing about Pax West I got in Free using found 3 day ticket on the bus.


30XX Co-op Review: The Mega Man X-Style Roguelike, Refined

"Capcom has shown precious little interest in keeping the Mega Man franchise alive, hence it’s up to indie developers to carry the torch. Chief among those developers is Batterystaple Games, whose well-received 20XX started on PC and made its way to consoles over time. After a period of early access, the sequel, 30XX has fully launched on Steam and Switch. The new game offers lots of new levels, weapons, and mechanics; a level creator, and 2-player local and online co-op support. It’s everything a Mega Man fan could want, but old-school difficulty limits the game’s accessibility," says Co-Optimus.

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Barlos42d ago

Getting really bored of roguelikes now.

eastx32d ago

Good thing it has a non-Roguelike mode, then.


Indie Game of the Month Awards September 2023

“I thought there have been loads of great indies this year then bam! September hit with an indielanche so let's hand out some awards.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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crazyaejay61d ago

Some top-notch titles this month- wow!


30XX review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "Batterystaple Games did it again - they released an absolutely fantastic homage to Mega Man X in the form of 30XX - and in some ways it's almost better. The various game modes accommodate many play styles, the many different ways you can play based on the semi-random nature of the game and its progression, the way Nina and Ace play so differently, the online leaderboards and community levels, it just goes on and on."

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