Supermassive Games talks Little Nightmares 3: "Horror doesn't have to come from just being dark"

Gamescom 2023 | Supermassive Games is determined to evoke Little Nightmares' unique brand of atmospheric dread in its third instalment

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Ready or Not Developer Has 4TB Of Data Stolen Including Full Source Code

Insider Gaming has learned that Void Interactive, the developers of Ready or Not, have had 4TB of data stolen in massive breach that includes all of the game's source code, including console builds.

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thorstein19h ago

This is why we can't have nice things.

1nsomniac19h ago

Been keeping my eye on this game for a while but never took the plunge and bought it because it seems to get a lot of stick from the community that the devs are all talk and no action. They’ve been promising an awful lot but not actually releasing anything new so maybe an easy way out??

Fishy Fingers17h ago

Game is great, "very positive" from the Steam community and currently 33% off.

Reads like youre talking about a completely different game.

Profchaos16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

Guess they weren't ready.

It does suck though to see all your hard work be dumped out there like that hopefully the studio recovers

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Larian and FromSoftware Show The Secret To Making Good Games Is A Healthy Workplace

Danish from eXputer: "FromSoftware and Larian Studios have shown that a good workplace environment is what it really takes to make good games."


Sony Launches BAFTA Game Awards 2024 PlayStation Store Section for Nominees

Sony has launched a BAFTA Game Awards 2024 section on the PlayStation Store that lists the different games nominated this year.

VenomUK1d 11h ago

Xbox should do the same.

Bathyj1d 10h ago

They did.
It's just empty.

I kid, I kid. 🙂