Square Enix has officially started working on the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix shared a new update video, in which it revealed that it has officially started working on the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI.

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phoenixwing282d ago

You'd think they would have been doing that awhile ago.

gold_drake282d ago

let them have a breather why dont you.

MrNinosan282d ago

The didn't want any platform to limit their process with their game.

Now they're done and made the game with only the PS5 as the limitation.

Next they can focus how to port it to PC with what they had in mind.

MetroidFREAK21282d ago

Good. I need to play more of this soon

Kurisu282d ago

I'm installing the game again at the moment, ready to start a NG+ with the update. Won't be touching it until I'm done with Sea of Stars, though!

MetroidFREAK21282d ago

I've only beaten the prologue... I still need to finish FF7R as well 🥲

Kurisu282d ago

Well, get to it! Rebirth will be here before you know it haha. Enjoy!

franwex282d ago

You’re in for a good time. Both games are really good.

got_dam282d ago

Hope it fairs better than the pc port of 7Rwhich I am currently playing and can confirm it has several issues that have hindered me. Still fun, but not a very good port. The whole screen going white and the button prompts rapidly cycling between co troller and keyboard are both very annoying.

Harkins1721282d ago

Loved it on PS5. Now that DLC is announced hopefully it comes to PC strong Day 1 and ill just wait for the Game + DLC bundle on discount to pick it up again and hopefully gets some good mods added!

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Review: Final Fantasy 16 — The Rising Tide | Console Creatures

Bobby writes, "Final Fantasy 16 — The Rising Tide is a great expansion but it's on the short side."

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Final Fantasy 16's Two Expansions Put a Bow On An Already Great RPG

The Nerd Stash: "Final Fantasy 16's DLC is a worthy adventure that adds a lot of jaw-dropping moments and more Hollywood-style fights to an already great RPG."

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LordoftheCritics49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I don't know about ''great'' rpg.

Most epic fight sequences and presentation? Yes

Worst side quests ever? Yes
Boring traversal? Yes
Empty worlds? Yes
Demo is infinitely more mature than the actual game? Yes
FF16=MMO side quests + Devil May Cry Lite

Alos8849d ago

I'd give it the great part, it's the RPG part I find dubious.

EternalTitan49d ago

There is no Roleplaying/decision making in this game.
No crafting there isnt even character builds because just like Dante/Bayonetta Clive has all skills and loadouts available to him.

CrimsonWing6948d ago (Edited 48d ago )

What do you mean there’s no role playing? Also, I’m fairly certain I made builds with Eikon abilities and I’ve gone to the blacksmiths to literally select craft weapons and gear. 🤷‍♂️

EternalTitan46d ago

How many 'builds' can you make?
Weapons and gear only increase numbers. Tell me about elemental weaknesses and status.

CrimsonWing6946d ago (Edited 46d ago )


Elemental weakness isn’t an RPG defining end-all-be all element.

What statuses are you asking about? F*cking status buffs and debuffs? You talking about stats that increase with gear crafting? Because all that’s present in the game.

The fact that you even admit there’s builds and RPG elements contradicts your claim. No matter how limited they may be, they exist in the game, therefore it is an RPG. I think the correct critique is instead of claiming it’s “not an RPG” you really mean to say it’s an RPG not as in-depth as it’s contemporaries. Regardless, it’s an RPG nonetheless even without “elemental weakness” playing in combat.

EternalTitan45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

"Elemental weakness isn’t an RPG defining end-all-be all element"
Why not?
Where is your source for this?

CrimsonWing6945d ago


So you’re telling me if a game has all the elements and mechanics of an RPG except elemental weakness exploits in combat that they’re not an RPG?

C’mon man, how about you show me where it says an RPG must have elemental weakness mechanics?