Oops: Game Informer says Mercenaries 2 Xbox 360 exclusive

Just to clear up present and future tips. You know when you hear something long enough, you begin to think it's true? Well, that's what apparently happened to everyone in the chain of command at Game Informer when it came to the ongoing rumors that Mercenaries 2: World in Flames was no longer a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Heck, they believed it so much they just went ahead and made it an Xbox 360 exclusive in their March issue(as seen in the photo above). GI has since corrected themselves and, honestly, the error is totally understandable.

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SimmoUK5701d ago

How bad the game looks, it looks like another awful generic last gen game engine, I don't think you'll find many PS3 owners who could care less if it was on 360 as well, if it was even exclusive to 360, being an FPS type game it would probably suite all the other FPS's on 360. Seriously this game looks like crap and i'd much rather have a so called xbox360 exclusive oblivion coming to PS3...

Grown Folks Talk5700d ago

mercenaries is 3rd person. secondly, oblivion was announced for the PS3 before either system was out. at 1 point it seemed bethesda changed their mind due to the "delay", but oblivion was never a 360 exclusive. thirdly, as far as no one caring, go back to previous threads on this game arguing about it being exclusive to PS3 or not. somebody cares.

Caxtus7505700d ago

hasn't this news already been posted?!? or am i going mad lol

360madness5700d ago

this game does look pretty bad

Covenant5700d ago

...will someone please officially confirm/deny this? Not that I care that much about the game--I mean, the original was OK--but this back-and-forth, confirmed/unconfirmed status constantly being bandied about on game sites is getting old...FAST. C'mon folks...this isn't a bombshell like "MGS4 coming to 360." It's Mercenaries, for pity's sake.

Say's you5700d ago

In Mercenarie's 2 on the PS3 isn't looking terrible you douche
your just jealous cause your another Xbox 360 fanboy lol you are such a whinner saying oh that graphics looks terrible when it comes to PS3 but when it comes to the 360 you say ah! thats awesome what a wussie! man you are.

FeralPhoenix5700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

Horse Piss you are too funny,...anybody who's been on this site more than twice knows that SimmoUK is a Sonyfan and that's putting it very very gently, yet you accuse him of being a 360 obvious WHY you quickly turned on him, but if you read carefully you will see he was actually making a well known anti-360 comment..."All the 360 has is FPS, -anyway I don't care you can have this game, blah blah." -Damm, just because its your name doesn't mean you have to drink it too. -Calm down, just kidding.

On topic: Yeah, I think this is still PS3 looks OK, but yeah this is definitely a case of the "Oops". -No big deal, call it a typo in next months issue. -lol

Havince5700d ago

there are some wallys out there. lol its ps3 exclusive isnt it ????????

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