Baldur's Gate 3 PlayStation 5 Download Size And Trophy List Has Leaked Online

Baldur's Gate 3 PlayStation 5 download size and trophy list have seemingly leaked online ahead of an official announcement.

jznrpg290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

So many games to play. I hope someone does a run of physical copies for this. These are the type of games I love to own for my lifetime.

XBManiac290d ago

Lucky people with collector's editions...

ModsDoBetter290d ago

Leaked online? Article: 20 mins ago.

I've been playing it on PS5 for the last two hours when it launched, hardly a leak.

il-JumperMT290d ago

lol is this a joke? preload been for ages. trophy list is same as steam list and everyone who bought it has been playing it for hours already

azedean290d ago

That is not true I just download the game on my ps5 it is about 97gb.

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anast14d ago

That's not good. The Deck is struggling.

blanka454514d ago

Too demanding of a game that is only one game no problem. fsr 3 mod will be there

anast14d ago

There are a lot of games that are like this.