Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown preview - refreshed MMO shows promise | The Loadout

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown races toward a full-on MMO experience. The Loadout gets hands-on with the Forza Horizon rival during a new Gamescom preview.

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Yi-Long94d ago

I was interested when they announced Hong Kong as the location. I was skeptical when it turned out to just be Hong Kong Island (the least interesting part of Hong Kong in terms of scenery and cool roads to drive on), and now that it’s all about MMO and seems to be lacking a SP focus, I pretty much lost all interest.

What a waste, this had potential considering the location.

Jakens93d ago

I'm excited, but that's always being checked.

"Fancy netting yourself a gorgeous Bugatti Veyron 16.4? The developer tells me that it will take around 70-80 hours of playing Solar Crown to earn such an amazing vehicle."

yeahokwhatever90d ago

you must be too young to remember Test Drive unlimited.

Majors94d ago

Loved the TD series Excited when I heard of the new one, However they showed the gameplay with PS3 graphics at best and excitement dwindled... If they dont improve Ill pass

yeahokwhatever90d ago

what are you talking about? it looks great for basically a car MMO.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown | The Cruiser Trailer

One of the standout features of the Test Drive Unlimited franchise is the ability to switch from intense multiplayer racing to the restful enjoyment of cruising.

Rynxie93d ago

Looks like a PS1 game. Gran Turismo 2 had better car details.

In before the "this looks like a PS3 game" crowd

yeahokwhatever90d ago

i want your PS1. lol dont blame the game because its a fairly line-less car.

RavageX93d ago

Looks just fine for alpha footage. As long as it keeps the spirit of the other Test Drive games I'm happy.

Rynxie, maybe you need to up the resolution on your streaming, or let me have whatever copy of GT2 you had.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown hands-on preview: Five key features | Traxion

Turns out Test Drive Unlimited Solar crown is an always-online MMO, with a diverse location and a gigantic scope. But, there are some rough edges that need filing down ahead of launch.

GhostScholar93d ago

This is great value forza horizon.

yeahokwhatever90d ago

except this looks like challenging fun. whereas forza horizon is lame af.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is a car MMO | TheSixthAxis

TSA go hands on with Test Drive unlimited Solar Crown, a series revival that embraces online play to become a true car, driving & racing MMO.

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banger8895d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Great, another f*****g online-only racing game. As if GT7, The Crew Motorfest and the new Forza weren't bad enough. What the hell have all these devs got against adding a simple offline mode? Is it really that hard? Why are they so hellbent on forcing people into some online mmo shite? Yeah you can play solo, but I shouldn't have to be forced online at all times to do that. I won't support a game that has an eventual expiry date. Was really hoping this game would be offline. F*** them.

ocelot0794d ago

I guess you didn't play Test Drive Unlimited on pc, PS2 and Xbox 360 as they where about driving around doing races. Meeting other players.

Same goes for Test Drive Unlimited 2 on PS3, pc and Xbox 360.

So not sure why your complaining about this test drive. When the the series has revolved around online play???

banger8894d ago

Test Drive Unlimited 1 & 2 didn't require a persistent internet connection, this game does.

DarkZane94d ago

Talk about whining for nothing. By the time they shut off this game, you will not even be playing anymore, you will have moved on to something else. As for it requiring a persistent online connection, I am sorry to say, but it's 2023, people like you who only want to play offline are not the targeted demographic anymore.