Square Enix announces TGS 2023 lineup, schedule

Square Enix 2023 has opened its Tokyo Game Show 2023 website and announced its lineup of games and live stream schedule for the event

Snookies12230d ago

Was kind of hoping to see something Kingdom Hearts 4 related. It's been a good while since we last got news or a trailer. I'm just interested in seeing how it's shaping up.

tay8701229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

There is a rumor that Sony is having an Asian based studio focused state of play this month and kingdom hearts 4 is going to be there with a 2nd trailer. Not sure if it's legit but saw it was posted on the snitch's discord by someone named hero. Supposedly bloodborne remastered will be on it as well with a release date sometime in 2025. Along with some other S.I.E news. Wasnt posted by the snitch himself, so I'd take it with a grain of salt though. It appears this leaker has got quite a few things right according to this post, so there is hope. https://www.khinsider.com/f...

MrBaskerville229d ago

I highly doubt we'll see a showcase from Sony. Maybe a blogpost one day.

Harkins1721229d ago

If it's not ready then let it cook. Hopefully Team doesn't give us 10 trailers again. 4 max imo. But I'm ready to see more just don't want to see another trailer and it's 2 years out.

Snookies12229d ago

Oh for sure, not wanting them to rush it. Just curious to see where it's at now. Also, I fully agree on the trailers... Kingdom Hearts 3's trailers spoiled a good 70% of the game. Wish I'd never watched them after I finished my playthrough.

Chard230d ago

I wonder when we'll see Seiken Densetsu 5

shinoff2183229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I'd rather not see anything from rebirth. I took the stance of not looking up anything for starfield beside trailers and it's been fantastic so far. Everything is fresh. I'd like the same for rebirth, aside from a trailer.

CrimsonWing69229d ago

Yea, I hear ya’, but… I wanna see some more 😅

Lionsguard229d ago

I hear ya, I stopped watching trailers for anticipated games or movies long ago and it's been a much better experience, they just give away too damn much.

gold_drake229d ago

im in the same camp as you, even if they're would be some of rebirth added to the list, which they couldz i dont wanna be surprise-spoiled.

i habent read or seen anything until now either.
what i want is the pre order and release date haha.

gold_drake229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

they can still add things to the list, as the fine print says.

but my guess is that they'll wait for the game awrds. bigger audience

Snookies12229d ago

Hasn't even been that long since the last Rebirth trailer, to be honest.

229d ago
northpaws229d ago

Just don't give us blockchain shit.

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Kaii19h ago

Diablo 4 storefront being a cash grabbing shitshow does unironically attest to that, kudos.

XiNatsuDragnel16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

Okay i will be interested if they become old Blizzard but might as well be dead.

Rynxie2h ago

They will never be old blizzard. Most of all the OG's left from developers to those on the top (even some decision making folks left).

Vits16h ago

Shame most of the people that made Blizzard what they were, have already left a while ago.

ApocalypseShadow16h ago

I was about to say this. How can they be blizzard when they're no longer blizzard from yesteryear?

blacktiger7h ago

Rare was the thing I lost heart