Age of Conan 360 won't "just be a port" says Funcom

"...this is not going to be just a port from the PC, but we're actually going to great lengths to make a tailored version for the Xbox 360"

Xbox 360 might have only dipped a toe into the MMORPG waters to date but developer Funcom is confident that its forthcoming Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures will be a success on the console.

Product manager Erling Ellingsen reckons this is because of how well the game "sits with the action-oriented audience".

"We have just as high hopes for this version of the game," Ellingsen continued in an interview with CVG. "Combat in Age of Conan is dynamic, real-time and hands-on - something that will make it work much better on a console than what has been possible with other MMOs."

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eques judicii4893d ago

i'm actually getting excited for this game. I hope it is a load of fun!

JohnCarpenter4893d ago

It's an ORPG. Will a tailored version use / connect the same servers for PC and 360 Players?
Anyway: I really enjoyed the first conan movie. It lead Arnold S. straight to the californian throne.(Where he still sits like in the movies end)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4893d ago

in my humble opinion, the 360 needs " ALOT MORE " single player RPGs!

Grown Folks Talk4893d ago

March 2007 Two Worlds SouthPeak Interactive RPG
Q2 2007 X Quest RPG
Q2 2007 Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles, The Bethesda Softworks RPG
TBA Eternal Sonata Namco Bandai RPG
TBA 2007 Jade Empire 2 (Unnanounced) *TBA RPG
TBA 2007 Cryptic Studios MMO Project [untitled] *TBA RPG
TBA 2007 Mass Effect Microsoft RPG
TBA 2007 Spectral Diario Idea Factory RPG
TBA 2007 Lost Odyssey Microsoft RPG
TBA 2007 Blue Dragon Microsoft RPG
TBA 2008 Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Electronic Arts RPG
TBA 2009 Alien -- RPG Project [untitled] SEGA RPG
Spring 2007 BioShock 2K Games Action RPG
Summer 2007 Elveon *TBA Action RPG
TBA 2007 Fable 2 Microsoft Action RPG
TBA 2007 Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Microsoft Action RPG
TBA 2007 Obsidian RPG Project [untitled] SEGA Action RPG
probably about 3 in the list that are multi-player. there will be more as well, as long as people support them.

gogators4893d ago

though I can't wait for Two Worlds and Mass Effect. I thought Blue Dragon has been dated for around June 07?

Grown Folks Talk4893d ago

how many are you going to play at a time? personally, almost every game is a dust magnet for me once mass effect comes out. at least for a few weeks.

Havince4892d ago

i dont know much about it ??????

is it like mass effect or what ?????