It's Nice That Sonic Origins Plus’ New Update Is Treating Amy Rose Right

Well, here we are again, you and I, hanging out and waxing about Sonic Origins Plus once more, but don’t worry! This time, I’m not coming in quite as hot. I’ve holstered my guns and am actually here to sing SEGA’s praises. What’s there to shout about, you ask? Like most pop songs, it has to do with a girl.

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Knightofelemia178d ago

I'd like to see Princess Sally included in the game instead of her being a rom hack.


Sonic Origins Plus (PC) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Daniel Parker: "If you're looking for the definitive way to play these classic games then Sonic Origins Plus only meets that threshold because the other options have now been delisted. It would have fared much better had it given players more options; being forced to do one thing or another based on rigid Classic or Anniversary modes is really far from ideal. I may continue to play Sonic Origins Plus, as I do like the widescreen option and the lack of slowdown, but on the whole it doesn't really feel worth the asking price of $40."

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Sonic Origins Plus Review | TheXboxHub

Review - Sonic Origins was a celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Origins Plus causes the overall compilation to miss more than it hits.

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235d ago

Sonic Origins Plus Brings Much Needed Value to the Collection

Hardcore Gamer Writes "When Sega launched Sonic Origins last year, the collection's existence didn't make all that much sense. For one, all of its member games were cheaply."

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