Sounds like a remaster of The Darkness game may be in the works

The CEO of Nightdive Studios has said in a tweet that the game is currently on the list for a modern update.

isarai331d ago

Oh I'm sold already, Nightdive does really solid remasters, and to this day I still love the darkness

Leeroyw331d ago

Mike Patton of Faith No More did the voice too. It was such a great game.

Quetzll331d ago

Had no idea and i absolutely love FNM and Patton. Gonna go back and play this game.

Snookies12331d ago

The Darkness was awesome! Here's hoping a remaster might lead to a new game!

RaidenBlack331d ago

Darkness 1 is coming to PC! .... OMG!

isarai331d ago

That honestly might be the biggest W here. Darkness with RTX would be neat to see

I_am_Batman331d ago

Excellent news. The Darkness is one of my all-time favorite games and the sequel is great too. I've just recently had a great time replaying them on my PS3. Unfortunately it's kinda hard to recommend them these days, because they're stuck on PS3 and 360 so a remaster would certainly be appreciated. Nightdive has been killing it lately.

DefenderOfDoom2331d ago

Awesome, I loved The Darkness made by Starbreeze who a lot them are now developers at Machine Games . Yes , again thank you Nightdive !

Dagexon330d ago

Now I'm hoping they remaster more of starbreeze's games. Namely the chronicles of riddick games

DefenderOfDoom2330d ago

Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay , is one my favorite gaming experience I ever had . Great game .!

ModsDoBetter331d ago

Excellent games.
Recently ran through The Darkness 2 on PS3 again.

I hated the switch in style when it first came out but they're both amazing games.