PS3 : Look Forward to 2007

Once you've got your mitts on it. You're gonna need some games for it...

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sa739174312d ago

GameVideoVault - I run linux and I don't want to install a crap browser like internet explorer just to look at your sh*t videos.. get with the program - we don't all want to run IE..

Master of Menace4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

And there are more than enough great games coming for the PS3. Not to forget the games out now. I just had my first go of Resistance. At a computer store display. Absolutely brilliant. I can see why XBOX fanboys are giving it a hard time. Great lighting, no slowdown, massive environments, great story, original weapons. Man, and it's only a launch title. Launch titles are never an indication of a console's power. So we can expect great things from PS3. If only XBOX 360 had games like that when it was launched, I might have been tempted back then. But now I'm sold on PS3.

hhuete4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

i agree xbox 360 didnt have great launch titles, but lets face it, this time around alot of were supposed to be ps3 game titles are going to be on xbox aswell, so may developers have made this move...
the time around xbox360 will have a larger library then ps3
some of the same games look better on xbox then the supposed to be better and superior ps3, look at gears of war...
xbox360 graphics will always look as good as ps3 graphics
sorry ps3 fans
what is their to look forward to 2007, well most of the games u guys will get are the same as xbox360,
lol in fact alot of the games the ps3 will get are games that the xbox 360 has had for months, good example is Oblivion


this video is a JOKE! Half the titles they mention aren't even coming out in 2007!

And the titles coming out for the 360 this year far exceed these games...

JohnCarpenter4312d ago

PS3 exclusives in 2007 are Heavenly Sword and MGS4 maybe. No news at all.

techie4312d ago

And DMC4...oh and Lair...oh and Motorstorm...oh and Formula 1...oh and Resistence (not released in UK yet)...oh and Virtua Fighter 5...oh and Killzone 2 is still listed for 2007 (whether I believe that or not)...oh and Warhawk, and Singstar, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, and The Getaway, 8 Days...

deadeyes994312d ago

PS3 was K.O.ed from the console race from day one; It looks like crap on paper; It plays like crap in real life; The price is definately too high; FFS that thing ain't even got a scaler so this is my decision : Get a crap console with no games that cant do HD anyways and SONY lied about or get a superior smaller more attractive console for like 200 dollars less plus like 2 games and an awesome online network? HMMMM TOUGH CHOICE!!!

DJ4312d ago

All those 1080p titles running on the PS3 must be magic then. You make a very intelligent plea, but until I see full backwards compatibility, HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth wireless, built-in HD movie playback, free online, a web browser, SD/CompactFlash/Memory stick inputs, or motion sensitivity on the Xbox 360, I'm going to have to reluctantly disagree with you on this topic.

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The story is too old to be commented.