Starfield preview – it is incredible how little you’ve actually seen | Loadout

Xbox presents an extended look at the Bethesda space RPG at Gamescom, as the Starfield preview shows off the game's opening and overwhelming scope.

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MaximusPrime_275d ago

It's incredible how overhyped this game..

4Sh0w274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Nah, about typical in the lead up to a big release but aahhh you would never say that for a ps exclusive....but nevertheless here you are= Jelly

On topic, it's just one man's impression:

"It cannot be understated just how ambitious Starfield looks content-wise.The levels of immersion ready to be absorbed are gigantic and my brain hurts just thinking about where to start. I haven’t even begun to consider paying the rent on my Starfield houses.Whether Bethesda can pull off the seemingly impossible feat of ambition with Starfield is still the question spinning around my head, but what I can say is that the stars are aligned for greatness."

-Nothing overhyped about that, he didn't say its great because he hasn't played it BUT he is hyped about the potential he has SEEN with his own eyes, well me too, Im following all the spoiler-free Starfield news, and loving every bit of it.

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Flawlessmic274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Lol the starfield salt is real.

Normally it's the xbox fanboys that exhibit this behaviour but now the Sony fanboys are at it.

All I'll say is guys, it's incredibly lame to try and downplay games from other systems just cause you can't play it.

Grow up and stop behaving like your brother just stole your toy.

Either wish is the best so gaming goes from strength to strength or if it bothers you so much that you need to downplay it at every turn, you clearly want to play it so I suggest you go buy a pc or xbox.

Do something other then behave like 3 yr olds

Lightning77274d ago

"Normally it's the xbox fanboys that exhibit this behaviour but now the Sony fanboys are at it."

Not really. Where's all the articles where they were getting salty in GoW news? Or FF16 and Horizon news? Sony fanboys always exhibit this type of behavior in all Xbox related stuff like clock work. Not sure what you've been looking at.

Other than that the rest of your post is pretty accurate.

Flawlessmic274d ago


Your not one of those people I'm talking about, your a solid xbox guy unlike a lot of the others on here.

But you know full well it goes on here from xbox fanboys just as well.

Gt7 online requirement and so called bad mtx which it really wasn't? ragnarock as dlc? SMM dlc? Ff16 performance mode 720p? I mean I could go on and on, point is they are both as bad as each other. I'm just saying the pettiness of both sides is lame AF.

Anyways, let's look forward to starfield being great and leave the others to drown in there tears 😂

InUrFoxHole274d ago


Agreed. Both sides do it. The only thing wrong with it... As consumers we should want sony, Ms and pc to be able to play this game. The brand loyalty bs is for the corporation's pockets. It's not for the consumer or dev

esherwood274d ago

You think there’s a difference between Xbox and ps fanboys lol? They’re both losers, I have zero loyalty to either since there both competing for my money. especially Xbox since I own one and now they’re doing a social credit system so I’m switching to ps after starfield

Lightning77274d ago

I don't like titles. I like PS and Xbox. You'll see me in Xbox related stuff more because there's more fanboy activity going on than there is in PS ones.

"Gt7 online requirement and so called bad mtx which it really wasn't?"

There's many articles on some of the things increasing car prices and and MTX. Being offline for long periods aa's they do maintenance. Forza is starting to share some of these bad practices but yet little backlash so Forza isn't doing much better here imo.

"ragnarock as dlc?" what about it? Nobody bashing that let alone Xbox fanboys? It hasn't been announced yet.

"SMM dlc? Ff16 performance mode 720p?" Again I don't know about any DLC being trolled.

That's on Square They were overhyping and over marketing the PS5 capabilities. When you over hype for that long only to have it dip down to 720p during combat is not a good look. In terms Xbox guys trolling of course you'll see them in there.

You're pointing out low points on PS5 of course those will bring the Xbots but on average PS articles or even praise worthy articles you won't find them there. Maybe one or 2 ppl again MAYBE. Vs a positive Xbox article the usuals flood it and ruin the those articles every single time.

It's definitely not the same.

MrDead274d ago

Why wouldn't people be upset? The worlds least played on system who's owner has added nothing to it's own platform in a generation and a half has decided to spend a combined $80billion on games that it was already getting and banning them from gamers. Why can't MS make games like every other platform holder? Why is one of the wealthiest companies in the world unable to create it's own content and decided it would be better for gaming to ban systems and gamers from entire multiplatform publishers?

I'm a PC gamer and I think this MS buying spree is the worst thing to happen to gaming. A company that has cut off one of Bethesda's biggest profitable markets and has shown no talent in running a gaming platform is the last place I want any gaming company to be. Bethesda only has PC paying full price for it's products now, before MS hit gamers with the ban hammer it had three, I can see Bethesda being shut down by MS at some point they'll just absorb the valuable ips such as Fallout, Elder Scrolls.

Dfooster273d ago

It's not hard to play it if your playstation only. All you need is a tv and play it through xbox cloud for £10 a month. I will give it a go for sure using this method but from what I have seen from the trailers I get the sense that it may become repetitive after a dozen hours or so. I really hope there is more to do than just turn up at a complex and shoot people though. This is why I loved mass effect because of the deep impactful choices you could make really affected the story, and it's a similar reasons why I am having such a good time with balders gate 3 right now.

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Snookies12274d ago

Overhyped? Don't know where you're going to see all that. I see a lot of negativity about it. Which is funny, because no one other than people who have early copies know if it'll be good or bad. I'm cautiously optimistic about it. Never was hyped from the start, but I'm sure it'll be a decent or good game at the least. Bethesda games tend to be pretty fun, despite all their jank and bugs.

goldwyncq274d ago

It's the first new Bethesda IP in nearly three decades. I'd say the hype is more than deserved.

343_Guilty_Spark274d ago

Aweee you jealous. It’s okay. Us Xbox fans finally get a must own exclusive. Let us enjoy our time. Sony has had plenty of these high profile games.

Flawlessmic274d ago

Cant believe I'm agreeing with you for once, but I agree hahaha

Traecy273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

It's a Bethesda bought exclusive, basically a game that was originally being developed as a multiplat from a multiplat developer that MS bought . A true XB exclusive would be from XB 1st party studios that weren't originally 3rd party publishers & studios.

neutralgamer1992274d ago

This is why a PlayStation guy like me bought XSX. I really hope it’s a lot of fun. Fun is missing from so many games for the sake of realism and the whole reason for gaming as a hobby is to have fun

As far as hype is concerned I could careless because after cyberpunk I don’t get hyped for games anymore. These journalists who are overhyping now will be releasing negative articles later. That’s how the cycle goes

Get preview coverage from publishers and say most positive things

Give the game a good score

Few weeks later write an article stating negative things this way you have both sides of the coin covered

SyntheticForm274d ago

Nothing was as overhyped as the FF7 Remake with its awful, low texture visuals and modern "quests."

ModsDoBetter274d ago

Accurate or FFXVI that came and went with all the hype of a wet fart.

spicelicka274d ago

Incredible how salty you are lol

ModsDoBetter274d ago

So when God of War was overhyped or when SpiderMan 2 will inevitably be the same, will your opinion be consistent or does "overhype" only apply to non PS titles?

mjchitown274d ago

It's incredible how you haters talking about this game..

CrimsonWing69274d ago

It’s one of the big AAA games for the year… why can’t there be a lot of hype for it? Oh wait, because it’s a fanboy thing and Xbox can’t have a hyped exclusive? 🤷‍♂️

Game looks great from their last direct on it and I actually feel this will be a GotY contender, so… why can’t there be a lot of hype for it, again?

OptimusDK274d ago

And incredible how every Sony fanboy is trying their hardest to downplay it

anast273d ago

Okay, 76 down is impressive.

MaximusPrime_273d ago

Thanks for your votes. It's even/even. It's down to the game if it's lived up to its hyped, congrats. It'll be a long gap for Microsoft's next overhyped game.

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anast274d ago

I agree. I heard it has to be played for a 150 hours before it gets fun.

OWCY274d ago

You moan its over hyped. But here you are again like clock work commenting on it. You've commented on every single starfield post since it's revel...