Soulframe Gameplay From TennoCon 2023 Looks Amazing; New Prelude Trailer & Screenshots Released

Over 30 minutes of Soulframe gameplay that features various enemies and more have been revealed alongside new screenshots and a new trailer.

Magog93d ago

Glad they are working on a new game. As much as I enjoyed warframe it started to go all over the place losing focus. And honestly once you got overpowered it was a lot less fun than when you were first starting out. A slower pace and their skill at gameplay will really shine. Keeping an eye on this one.

repsahj93d ago

Impressive! I'm now looking forward to this game.

92d ago

Soulframe Very Early Alpha Tests Begin December; Here's What You Can Expect

Digital Extremes will be inviting players this December to a very early pre-alpha test of Soulframe, testing out core gameplay mechanics.

phoenixwing4d ago

on one hand i'm interested on another i don't want to go through the story twice by playing it early

Rikimaru-004d ago

this is good news for me, after watching the gameplay video. i was very happy at what i saw.

Magog3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Looks to be a very interesting take on the dark fantasy genre. Low level slower paced fights in Warframe were ironically more pleasant and challenging than once you leveled up to godlike speeds so I hope they have that sort of deliberate Soulslike movement planned for this one.


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Digital Extremes has mentioned that Soulframe's post-launch support and content will be similar to how they handled it for Warframe.


Tennocon 2023: Soulframe Offers A Healing Optimism

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