Alan Wake 2 Interview: Sam Lake Didn't Want to go 'Neck and Neck' With Spider-Man 2 | gamescom 2023

Sam Lake at gamescom 2023 talks about Alan Wake's horror inspirations, its need for a little bit of comedy, and not wanting to go neck and neck with Spider-Man 2.

shinoff2183239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Sam lake should've got some disc's pressed. Bye bye sale from me. Hello deeply discounted digital game in a few years.

VersusDMC239d ago

I suspect this is a Epic games decision and not remedy. Brace yourself for Fumito Ueda's next game to also be digital only as they took the same epic publisher deal.

ObsessedGeorge238d ago

Shit man, I don't like that one bit. I hope this is not the future of gaming. I already have a knife on my throat. I want to support Alan Wake 2 day one but at the same time I don't buy AAA digital games. I am a disc collector.

shinoff2183238d ago

Yea I'm definitely sure it's an epic thing. F epic they aren't a small indie studio they are a huge company. There's compromises they could've looked into. I've brought up just have a pre order site and let those of us who would like one pre order it. Money upfront. It literally pays for itself.

rlow1238d ago

Well when you have idiots out their stealing pressed game before release and selling them. From the devs point of view it eliminates that scenario.

lodossrage238d ago

While early game sales from thieves is an issue, it's nowhere near a giant issue.

This is just an excuse for companies to have even more control than they already do over the things we buy.

SixFrvgz238d ago

Gotta love how you pick this futile argument to justify a digital only release from a AAA company.

There is no justification for this. But I can tell your the gamer that redraws the line every time it's crossed by these companies and their predatory practices.

shinoff2183238d ago

Rlow1, that's such a bs excuse, one no one even brought that bs up until whoever the dude was with the stolen starfield games. That's small fish type shit though and not a good excuse.

rlow1237d ago


As usual you guys add in a bunch of crap. No matter if you hate the digital only, the fact remains. That from the view point of a business, if you had people stealing your products and there was a way to make it harder plus make more money on your hard work, wouldn’t you? It you all want to add in a big conspiracy then that’s your opinion.

On top of all that, I never said I supported a digital only future, only that I understand some of the reasoning behind it. But if you’re all so concerned, then what have you’ve done about it??? You can rant and rave on the internet until your fingers turn blue. If you’re so passionate, then do something about it. Get people onboard to boycott companies doing this practice. Then you’ll show your for real and not just a bunch of hot air. Peace

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jznrpg238d ago

If I was making a game I would make sure there is no major competition within 6 weeks of me releasing a game. It just makes sense to have more eyes on your game when there is a lull in releases.

ThichQuangDuck238d ago

I know its a hot take but I am in many ways more interested in Alan Wake 2 than Spider Man 2

repsahj238d ago

I respect you bro. But for me if you have a PS5 and you only need to buy 1 game, I go for Spider-man 2.

shinoff2183238d ago

I'd rather play bg3 over Spiderman 2 honestly. Spiderman was a fun game but I'm way more into rpgs. Spiderman 2 doesn't do it for me at 70 dollars. I'm more inclined for a 30 40 dollar area. I'm really disappointed with sony this year. I'd say the same about xbox though. Aside from some dope ass indies, smaller devs, and older games it's been pretty slow. Jrpgs though had a nice summer I just couldn't afford them all like trinity trigger, alterier remake, and a few others.

repsahj237d ago

Don't worry I already purchased BG3 deluxe ed and just waiting for sept 3. Miles morales and spidey 1 are my two favorite ps5 game, so Spider-man 2 is automatic buy for me.

ThichQuangDuck237d ago

Final Fantasy XVI the boss battles hit. I want to be hyped for Spider Man 2 . I am a huge spiderman fan but I think the boss battles of 1 were only so good and the beat em up combat gets tedious for me. Especially when the game lacks choice or agency. Boss battles have their set area and procedure. I pray the side quest are better

repsahj238d ago

Will it only come out on PS5?? How about PC sales and XSX/S sales? Why should they be afraid? Only the PS5 version will fight for sales.

Eonjay238d ago

PlayStation has the biggest playerbase. Most of your sales are likely to come from it. No need to Sabotage yourself.

CoNn3rB238d ago

Currently PS5 has a larger base of paying customers, a good portion of Xbox players will opt to wait for a gamepass version and the PC market will suffer due to the Epic store exclusivity. In situations like this it makes more sense that Remedy want's to eliminate as much competition from platform that will make the most money from sales.


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