19 Minutes of Black Myth: Wukong Gameplay | gamescom 2023

19 minutes of provided footage that will show off boss battles and gameplay.

Sonic1881330d ago

One of my most anticipated games next year!

Snookies12330d ago

2024. It's still a good while before we even hit 2024, so I wouldn't expect any solid month for a little while.

InUrFoxHole330d ago

Thanks... I was looking online but didn't see anything

kingeliran330d ago

Looks good , cant ignore that it uses the same methods of dark souls game

Snookies12330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

"cant ignore that it uses the same methods of dark souls game"

Not sure if you're trying to say that as a negative thing? We've known it takes heavy inspiration from souls games since it was first shown.

329d ago

Hands-On: Black Myth: Wukong | Vgc

Leave your Soulslike expectations at the door for this journey through Chinese mythology.

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purple10122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Epic Games VP Engineering Nick Penwarden on ps5 SSD:

"It’s so impactful that we’ve rewritten our core I/O subsystems for Unreal Engine with the PlayStation 5 in mind."

(HINT, did people forget ps5 ssd IS twice, TWICE as fast as xbox, - Also - Nothing on the Series X|S release with no outlet willing to investigate. So much for “journalism”.

Michiel198922d ago

so what? in every gaming article ever journalists now need to mention the ssd is twice as fast? we also gonna mention how new gpu's are twice, TWICE as fast or more than ps5's?

purple10122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

this game is unreal 5, its relevant to state what epic games says about ps5 in this case.

and may be why series s port is taking longer.

you can also feel free to post what you like if its relevant. Im not stopping you. sorry is this is a crap answer, but its late now in uk here..

Michiel198922d ago

it's an article about Wukong, not ps5 vs xbox. Stop trying to push your own bs agenda onto everything and then say boooo journos bad when they don't write how superior sony is to ms in every paragraph. It gets old quick and honestly, no one fucking cares.

Also if you think for a second, it's not like any dev is gonna be open about any sony or ms problems from development before a game releases. Don't shit where you eat.

purple10120d ago (Edited 20d ago )


ravens5220d ago

Burritos 🌯🌯🌯 27791;🌯

Michiel198920d ago

you think that only for the ps5 ssd they modify their engine and that when a new gpu, cpu or ssd releases for pc they just leave it be and hope for the best? ps5 and pc are both just as relevant for UE5 and yes even xbox.

Your quote isn't even from this article and has nothing to do with a preview of this game. This isn't an interview with the dev on how development is going, hell they probably don't even speak english. You expect a journalist to go to a chinese company and ask: how is development for xbox going? mr Y from epic games said 3 years ago the ps5 ssd is twice as fast as xbox ssd, could you please elaborate? gl with that

Michiel198920d ago

did you also really submit this article yourself just to ride around on your high horse talking about how great the ps5 ssd is and to shittalk the author? You sir, reached a new level of pathetic I thought I would never see.

They also actually gave the exact same answer that you did, that the xbox version is delayed cause of the parity clausule, but all of a sudden it's not good enough now? If they wanted to elaborate on how the xbox development is going, they would have done so when they announced the delay and not when they held their press event to show of the game where they got to talk to a spokesperson, not even a dev. When BG3 got delayed I heard no one crying that they didn't get a ted talk about the exact technical details of why it didn't run as well on xbox.

19d ago
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Rikimaru-0020d ago

graphics, physics,story, and game play on point. The problem is, all i'm see is boss after boss after boss. Where are the enemies before we get to the boss. this is a boss rush game.

outsider162419d ago

Yeah is there a story to this? Are we getting a stroy trailer?

gold_drake20d ago

i feel like we've never rly see anything outside of the boss battles

OMGitzThatGuy19d ago

Because there will be nothing of significance outside of the boss battle, like alot of Chinese games, this seems to be aiming for style over substance as besides the graphics, there doesn't seem to be much else going on.

truthBombs19d ago (Edited 19d ago )


The best showcase of UE5 to date is still Hellblade 2 and that game is available on both X and S.

I feel sony swooped in and secured timed exclusivity with this Wukong game. This has nothing to so with SSD sauce or any of that mumbo jumbo.


Black Myth Wukong Boss Fight Gameplay Features Red Loong and Guangzhi

Game Science has released new gameplay featuring Black Myth Wukong boss fights! Check out the Red Loong boss, and Guangzhi boss encounters, one even features ray tracing.

roadkillers21d ago

Have we seen anything other than boss fights? Like any traversal, platforming, or smaller enemy battles?

MeatyUrologist21d ago

I was under the impression that was the whole game, just one boss after another. I feel like that what all the souls addicts want right?

Fishy Fingers21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

By all accounts from the hands on previews its more GOW than it is Souls (difficulty wise).

MeatyUrologist21d ago

Fishy: was there a preview in particular that claims that? If so I might actually give it a try. I just don't have the gaming time to fight a single boss for 3 days straight anymore, and prefer games that give difficulty options and respect my time.