Inside Starfield: how Bethesda's “NASA punk” epic became the biggest Xbox game in a decade

After buying publisher Bethesda Softworks for nearly $7.5 billion, Microsoft secured Starfield as an Xbox exclusive. But the team behind it didn’t just build a world, they built a galaxy – one that could turn the tide for a console generation.

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Cockney271d ago

Good grief, gq the magazine at the forefront of gaming

4Sh0w271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

How? Simple its Bethesda's biggest most ambitious game ever, first new IP in 25yrs, so alot was already riding on this one and Microsoft bought them. I'm a gamer so I'm just gonna play the games I want to play wherever they are.

__SteakDeck__271d ago

MS paid for it, that’s how it happened.

Obscure_Observer271d ago

"MS paid for it, that’s how it happened."

The creator (Todd Howard) could say no. Instead, he wanted his game and his team at Bethesda to be part of Xbox, specially due their past relationship, according to Howard himself.

You may not like it, but it is what it is.

Goosejuice271d ago

Todd Howard isn't the ceo of zenimax...it wasn't up to him. Zenimax sold the whole company off not just Bethesda.

Obscure_Observer271d ago


"Todd Howard isn't the ceo of zenimax...it wasn't up to him. Zenimax sold the whole company off not just Bethesda."

Todd Howard was onboard, and he´s the most important developer/producer at Bethesda so he most definitely had an opinion regarding the acquisition.

Besides, Howard didn´t accept Sony´s offer to make Starfield time exclusive on PS5 like Ghostwire Tokio and Deathloop, and Zenimax couldn´t do nothing about it.

Goosejuice271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

That's because starfield is a nuch bigger game than those 2. And ur right zenimax let's them operate independently. But Microsoft didn't purchase Bethesda. They bought zenimax which owns them. It's not the same. It's not like Bethesda ran to zenimax and said let MS buy us. Zenimax can sell with or without his approval. Howard also thought starfield was going to remain multiplatform when bought.

Obscure_Observer270d ago


"Howard also thought starfield was going to remain multiplatform when bought."

No, he did not. Starfield was never officially announced for the PS5 and according to Howard himself, unlike Redfall, Starfield never went into actual development for Playstation.

"Howard praised the PS5 and wanted to make it very clear Bethesda did well on PlayStation, but had a stronger relationship with Xbox as the Microsoft-owned company had been there for Bethesda when it began making console games like Morrowind. Howard noted that the acquisition made it easier to focus on one console and PC rather than multiple consoles, but also noted that it allows for more resources. The prolific game director also revealed that Xbox itself has helped out on Starfield with the platform holder's top engineers working to make the game look the best that it can on Xbox Series X|S."


Extermin8or3_270d ago

You literally have no idea what you are talking about. By all accounts from reliable leaders at the time Bethesda offered SONY the opportunity to have timed exclusivity and they declined after viewing and playing the title. Microsoft not long after decided to buy zenimax as a whole. At that time they publicly were planning fir games in development to still be multiplatform. They told zebimax this and you can tell from the remarks of Pete hines and Todd Howard in interviews.when the acquisition was complete Phil Spencer held a strategy meeting and basically went in and told everyone thst henceforth athey could consider all Bethesda and zenimax gsnes xbox exclusives and to can the ps5 versions in development. We now know this from court cases. Todd Howard was clearly never on board with this approach hence his interview remarks that it woukd be "inconceivable to keep their IP to just one console platform and pc, that it would go out as widely as it could, just like previous games like skyrim"

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shinoff2183271d ago

I say ever. Their biggest game ever. Aside from the og Xbox due to oddworld I've never bought an Xbox this early in its life.

shinoff2183271d ago

Downvote all you want but someone who isn't into halo or racing games doesn't have much motivation to buy an Xbox. Now someone who likes sci fi, bethesada games, and rpgs. Now is a good time

GamingManiac271d ago

Nah, I'll be using GeForce now to play it or even just pirate it out of spite lol Still not worth buying an xbox for.

anast271d ago

Like I said, the reviews have already been written and the 10s are in the chamber ready to go on release date.

4Sh0w270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Damm you thought it looked that good too?.....ahhh nah, so you are just personally hedging your bets, if it's 6's you say I knew it sucked haha and if reviewers actually love it you'll say "paid by Microsoft", classic fanboy stuff, lmfao you ain't fooling nobody, your history tells me you already have your 1/10 review ready & sadly that part ain't a joke= too bad for you we'll be enjoying the game & laughing at all the Jelly on your lips.

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