Bethesda boss says he's put 150 hours into Starfield

And "hasn't even come close" to seeing everything!

"There's so much stuff I have intentionally not done"

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4Sh0w271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Some will inevitably just play through 30-40hrs to just finish the story but I think most who love space games & exploration will easily put in 150+ hrs over months of coming back to do this or finish that from what I hear so far. -I wonder what will be the average gametime for Starfield, I mean it would be interesting to know a year from now just because it's such a huge game, with so many different possibilities but that said huge does not equal interesting, so just getting upwards of about 80+ hrs will depend alot on how engaging it is to each individual player.

Either way, damm I'm excited & if it satisfies the Jr Space Explorer itch in me, I think I will definitely put in at least 150-200hrs of gametime over the next 6 months or so. lol, I'd bet quite a few of those hrs won't even actually be *playing the game but plenty of character creation & ship building, I guess I'll try to at least build a ugly blocky USS Enterprise myself.

King Nezz271d ago

I was thinking this too. I can see myself spending 10s of hours just grinding resources on some far-off planet I made home. Feels like Christmas is coming early for me.

Obscure_Observer271d ago

"I was thinking this too. I can see myself spending 10s of hours just grinding resources on some far-off planet I made home."

Oh yeah, I´m gonna spend many sweet hours building homes, customizing stuff, explore and learn everything i can about the planets I´ll visit, like it´s geography, weather , ecosystem, biomes, resources, life forms and hopefully, many mysteries in some creep and terrifying places.

About a week now! I can´t wait!

EvertonFC271d ago

That's the last thing I want to be doing is "grinding"

King Nezz271d ago

I don't literally mean standing by one rock and grinding it for resources for hours. From what I have seen, it can also be automated. But I like those resource-gathering games. Minecraft, Astroneer, etc. It's one of the many things you can do in this game.

I guess you don't like games like Diablo 4, Final Fantasy, or any Souls game where you have to "grind" for loot, experience, and levels to improve your character.

JeffGUNZ271d ago

This. If I don't 100% all planets in this game, it is not over. I will be playing this game for ages. I am also a huge space nerd so this game is my dream.

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SyntheticForm271d ago

Pumped for this game; getting my Series X tomorrow.

shinoff2183271d ago

I feel it'll be pretty low compared to what some might think. I feel alot will try it since it's on gamepass but I seem to run into alot more people these days that just don't have the attention span

neutralgamer1992271d ago

this is wh i bought my XSX and if there is one thing i hope starfield gets right it's


StarkR3ality271d ago

I've probably put 1000's hours into Oblivion and Skyrim, genuinely get lost in their worlds, that's something that no other game dev comes close to in my opinion, world building and a feeling of living inside a game world. Of course they fall short in gameplay elements, graphics and writing at times. But their world building and the sense of exploration is second to none.

Gunstar75271d ago

Lots of downvotes from the cult members.

You are not permitted to have any fun

poppatron271d ago

I loved the base building in fallout 4, I’m excited to do that in space, but I’m more excited to build a space ship. It’s sounds epic.

That being said I’m really managing my expectation, don’t want to get burned on this one, trying to maintain composure and expect problems so if it is good I can pretend to be pleasantly surprised. It’s complicated

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GamingSinceForever271d ago

I mean it’s been in development for 10 years so yeah that makes sense.

franwex271d ago

I put 180 to Skyrim, so if they do this right, I may put a lot more in Starfield and perhaps new memes may come of it.

SpacedDuck271d ago

I don't trust a word any goof CEO or boss says.

How many of these losers have claimed their games have thousands of hours of content only for the games to be generic boring trash.

Not saying Starfield will be trash but I just don't trust these complete idiots.

anast271d ago

Because he had to, it's his job.