40 Plus Minutes Of Fort Solis PC Gameplay

Here is an extended look at the new game.


Unreal Engine 5 First Generation Games: Brilliant Visuals & Growing Pains

Digital Foundry : First revealed back in 2020, Unreal Engine 5 promised next generation detail and lighting quality - and since then, the technology has only got better and better. Three years on, we're finally getting to play actual games using cutting-edge tech like Lumen, Nanite and virtual shadowmaps, so just how well is the engine shaping up in actual shipping titles? Alex Battaglia checks out the first wave of UE5 games including Immortals of Aveum, Jusant, RoboCop: Rogue City, Remnant 2, Fort Solis and Desordre to discover where UE5 excels, where it needs improvements and how developers can better utilise the features it has for PC gamers.

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Number1TailzFan24d ago

One thing is for certain, people are gonna have to upgrade to much better hardware if they haven't already.

22d ago

Fort Solis review [SideQuesting]

The new game is an experience best tried and difficult to explain, and all together worth the 4 hours it takes for completion.

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Review - Fort Solis (PS5) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "The fact that Fort Solis is devoid of gameplay isn’t what made it so unbearable to experience. Filling it with clunky walking physics, pointless quick-time events, and plot decisions only a braindead idiot would make, are what ruined it for me. It is an impressive showcase of what Unreal Engine 5 can provide to smaller games, but also a game so devoid of interesting interactivity I can’t help but think it would have been a better experience had I just decided to watch someone play it on YouTube, or if the devs just decided to turn it into a movie (it’s as short as one). When the most interesting interactive aspect about your horror game is the fact you have coded a Rubik’s cube into it, you know something ain’t right."

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