Persona 5 Tactica Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Combat Mechanics

Atlus has unveiled the Persona 5 Tactica gameplay trailer showcasing new combat mechanics, and offers a sneak peek at the techniques players will use.

PunksOnN4G97d ago

tbh they could have been Done with Persona 6 by now then giving us these boring spin offs and a persona 5 mobile title -.- like jesus


Persona 5 Tactica Review - A Stale Revolution | RPGInformer

RPGInformer's editor Murillo Zerbinatto writes: Persona 5 is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Because of that, I was hesitant to play its spinoffs and potentially tarnish the image of the Phantom Thieves. Still, I played Persona 5 Tactica from start to finish. I understood that the proposal was different, as were its graphics, gameplay, and take on well-established mechanics. Overall, I had fun. However, it was a spontaneous experience that will likely fade into oblivion once I indulge in more enjoyable games.

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EDGE #392 review scores

The latest EDGE review scores for issue #392 (February 2024 issue) include Alan Wake 2, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Persona 5 Tactica, and more.

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cthulhucultist4d ago

A highland song seems very intriguing, I really like the setting and art style. Having said that, Alan Wake 2 is by far my most wanted game on my wishlist

coolbeans3d ago

By the team who made 80 Days, so it's certainly piqued my interest.

eagle213d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Alan Wake II with a 9!

Jin_Sakai3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Only got a little ways in but it’s great so far.

Sonic18813d ago

COD is definitely a cash grab at this point.

LucasRuinedChildhood3d ago

Nice to see The Talos Principle 2 get some love too. A lot of great puzzle games this year like it and Chants Of Sennaar are getting barely any attention.


Persona 5 Tactica Guide: Marie's Kingdom Quests

The quests in Marie's kingdom may just be the beginning, but they aren't without some challenge. Read on for a step-by-step breakdown own how to complete each one.

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