Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Gameplay Blasts Out, Killstreaks in SP and Open-World Zombies Confirmed

Activision has unveiled nine minutes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign gameplay at gamescom Opening Night alongside more details.

andy85101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Absolutely top notch graphics. Always enjoy the campaign mode

RaidenBlack101d ago

Strange to see the FPS drops in a CoD campaign level ... and none of the new touted optional choices or open-ended-ness were shown ...

ocelot07101d ago

Anyone noticed it's the exact same prison from verdansk (warzone original map).

So I wonder if it means verdansk is going to make a return. Or is it just Activision reusing assets again.

fsfsxii101d ago

Its from the OG MW2 from 2009, the gulag mission

senorfartcushion100d ago

There will be reused assets everywhere in this entry.

Some cod dlcs in the past have been prior maps that have been reskinned

EazyC100d ago

It looks virtually mighty of course but I do think Activision's greed has caused the MW reboot series to run out of steam quickly.

Infinity Ward had this "artistic vision" for MW2019 (like it or hate it, it was pretty bold) but I really believe they had control yanked off them soon afterwards.

I'd be curious to know what's happening with them moving forward, I'd love to see what they'd do with total control of their output.


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OtterX9d ago

Yet a majority of Xbox Series owners own the S. It's only going to get worse as we get deeper into this generation. :\

purple1019d ago

720p series/s. reconstructed to 1440p- o were

Father__Merrin9d ago

another win for the worlds most powerful console. also to note only 25% of xbox players are actually on Series X which means 75% are playing a 720p upscaled to 1440p ouch...


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