Pokémon Nuzlocke Rules: The Fan-Made Hard Mode

Looking for a fresh challenge from Pokémon games?

Learn the Pokémon Nuzlocke rules for a self-imposed hard mode.

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gold_drake99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

nutzlocks are great to watch right, but id never do one myself for own enjoyment.

but, gamefreak and nintendo and working hard to make those nutzlocks impossible in their pkmn games.

violet and scarlet definitely feel like they've done everything to make it impossible to do them.

PrimeVinister98d ago

I really like how setting your own limitations brings out another level of creativity in people. The book Gadsby and that lad who completed Dark Souls with a set of drums from Rock Band are good examples. I also enjoy the expression (or more often, simply witnessing) of that level of mastery.

A game I can say I do this in is PES - I do Youth-Only, Homegrown, no transfer fee etc. challenges with dogpoo teams in Master League. I don't even stream, I just like it.

As for Nuzlocke rules being on the way out, fair enough.


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