Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty | 4K DLSS 3.5 Gameplay Reveal

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is coming this September with full ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS 3.5, and Reflex.


Don Parsons' Top Games of 2023

TechRaptor writes, "We're talking about our favorite games of 2023, and in this list, Don Parsons shares his favorite games from small games you never heard of to one of the best games ever!"

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54d ago

Best DLC/Expansion of 2023

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Whether in the form of free DLC (hello God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla) or long-awaited semi-sequels, expansions have blossomed into their own thing across every genre. A commercial & creative necessity for MMOs way back when is now a commonality everywhere. And there's great incentive behind it too; generally speaking, who wouldn't want to have the gameplay skeleton of their favorite titles utilized to explore new storylines and locations? In 2023, this comes with a cost for last-gen-only gamers in the form of Horizon Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077. Despite both titles having 8th-gen versions at their respective launches, Guerrilla Games and CD Projekt RED decided to forego the technologically-constraining PS4 and/or Xbox One consoles to fully realize their creative visions.

While that doesn't tell the full story of these four finalists, it's an intriguing factoid that marks 2023 as a turning point in cementing future titles or DLCs for only this current generation... and maybe Switch."

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P_Bomb157d ago

Good year for DLC. I’m at the last boss in Burning Shores and just wrapped the tower party subterfuge in Phantom Liberty. Chef’s kiss.

coolbeans157d ago

Needless to say you're eating good atm.

P_Bomb157d ago

Can’t complain, that’s for sure lol!

S2Killinit157d ago

God of War Ragnarock vs. Horizon Burning Shores

Ironmike157d ago

Both great dlc but for me phantom liberty takes it

Futureshark157d ago

Even though it was a remake, Separate Ways was a great slice of DLC for me.
The RE4VR update also phenomenal.


Baldur's Gate 3 Leads NY Game Awards Nominations Ahead of AWII & Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The New York Videogame Critics Circle has announced the yearly New York Game Awards nominations. Baldur's Gate 3 leads the pack with six, while Alan Wake II and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty both got five nominations.

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