Epic Games incites fan speculation with amazing Fortnite Season 4 teasers

Read about the latest teasers for Fortnite Season 4 oif Chapter 4. With Epic's latest teasers, fan community is rife with excitement.

Markdn102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Lol its fortnite it never changes it's the same. Day in and day out.


3 New Fortnite Games Announced as Big Bang Live Event Brings Servers to Their Knees

Epic Games has announced 3 new games within Fortnite, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing by Rocket League developer Psyonix, and Fortnite Festival by Rock Band studio Harmonix. Compensation is also coming for major outages during the Big Bang Live Event.

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Xbox Leak Shows Solid Snake & Peter Griffin Headline Fortnite: Chapter 5 - Season 1 Battle Pass

An Xbox store banner has leaked the next season's Battle Pass skins, and we might just be fighting chickens.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2d ago

Kids next year -“ Solid Snake is that guy from Fortnite.”

just_looken1d 17h ago

Yep its so dam sad even worse when you can destroy a whole bar in 2001 mgs2 but in a new game they say you can't do too another bs excuse like redfall recently.

You want to destroy a glass jar in a fps???? so sad todays games.

DarXyde15h ago

He's already "that guy from Smash".

Chocoburger3h ago

Ugh, Konami just whoring out their IP characters to anyone these days.


Prime Gaming Reveals December 2023 Offerings

Prime Gaming December Content Update

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