PS5 Best-Seller, NS and XS Sales Drop - Europe Hardware Estimates for July 2023

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in Europe with 507,782 units sold for July 2023, according to VGChartz estimates. The PlayStation 5 has now sold an estimated 12.58 million units lifetime in Europe.

The Nintendo Switch sold an estimated 223,926 units to bring its lifetime sales to 32.87 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 138,284 units to bring their lifetime sales to 6.29 million units. The PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 6,400 units to bring its lifetime sales to 45.85 million units.

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zsquaresoff303d ago

Nothing surprising or shocking about xbox sales dropping, Starfield won't be able to save this rotten potato.

CBaoth302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

have you checked out those koozies though? Mighty fine wraps sir. Could change EVERYTHING!!!! Who needs games when you can fleece your loyal fanbase with pizza warmers?

Hofstaderman302d ago

It’s a safety blanket. XBOX needs those after getting no no touched in the sales and critically acclaimed games Department.

XBManiac302d ago

And now, PS5 Blu Ray version will be at 449€ in Europe (100 € less than MSRP). GAP only gets bigger.

Hofstaderman302d ago

Spider-Man 2 is literally around the corner, see the sales then.....Phil was right not even Starfield can turn the tide on XBOX.

MrDead302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Bethesda games have never sold well on Xbox, games like Fallout 4 sold over double on the Playstation than Xbox, PC and Playstation are/was their biggest market by a big margin. Starfield, Fallout, ID's Doom and Elder Scrolls has to rely only on PC sales now, which should be ok but as for other Bethesda titles that aren't so strong I don't see much of a future.

stonecold3302d ago

on twitter had another fanboy say bethesda sold more game on xbox then playstation which isnt true but no ms owned bethedsa they going to miss the sales of not having a ps5 port starfield

Cockney301d ago

Pc gamepass, nobody need ever buy an xbox game again

aaronaton302d ago

PS5 sales 5:1 Compared to Xbox. Beating a body bag at this point.

TiredGamer302d ago

3.5 to 1, but who's counting?

MrNinosan302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

You're math is extremely bad, but even with the truth (3,5:1) it's a run over.
Microsoft should leave the consoles behind and go full on software.

Aloymetal302d ago

Color me surprised. PS just keep doing its thing and it will get even better.

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