Remnant 2 was the best-selling game of July 2023 in the U.S, per Circana

Diablo 4 followed close behind along with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Hogwarts Legacy.

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Wccftech's Best Shooter Games of 2023 - Solid Transitory Year

2023 was not the best year for shooter games. However, there were still several noteworthy releases that genre fans should check out.

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Remnant 2 Game Director Would Love A Survival-Like Mode After Second DLC

Remnant 2's Game Director confirms that the team is working on the second DLC, and would love to explore a new game mode similar to Survival.

SinisterMister66d ago

Remnant 2 is one blast of a game, but yes, its replayability could use some work. A Survival mode would be awesome.


Best Multiplayer & Co-op Experience of 2023 | The Nerd Stash

This year, gamers had some fantastic experiences, and The Nerd Stash going to focus on the best multiplayer and co-op releases of 2023.

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