The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has a Grandpa problem that could be solved with an easy fix

Escaping from the Sawyer family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a tough task, but one change to the frightening Grandpa would make matches much smoother.

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KillBill106d ago

If my 12 year old son is having no difficulty escaping then maybe others simply aren't trying hard enough?

Raziel983106d ago

Article is about a cutscene that is breaking gameplay and has nothing to do about being able to escape. Maybe read the article next time.

JEECE105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I wonder if KillBill's twelve-year-old son can make relevant comments.

Knightofelemia105d ago

Why is your 12 year old son playing a rated M game to begin with?

RedDevils105d ago

I know right, he should be playing R rated games instead.

Tedakin105d ago

This is one of the best asymmetrical horror games ever. I'm loving it. It's extremely tense and the stealth reminds me of Chaos Theory multiplayer.

BlackTar187104d ago

My only problem with grandpa is if they run a simple line with high blood stat they can max grandpa out in like 5 minutes and highlights you indefinitely

Raziel983104d ago

True, but I have a skill on one of my survivors that drops gramps back to level 1 after stabbing him so there are counters for him.


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Jingsing13d ago

People still pretending this is a viable game? or Illfonic are a viable developer? This is exactly what they did with their past mediocre games to make them even worse.


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anast56d ago

Month 3 and the game is sub 4k — a minus 50% gain since release. Just as I predicted, it will be a ghost town after this month.

Darkwatchman55d ago

This has been a known discrepancy since launch in august. Weird for there to only just be an article about it in October


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