Bethesda's Hines Calls Out Ex Blizzard WoW Team Lead Over 'Rushed' Starfield Start Screen Comments

Bethesda's Pete Hines has taken to Twitter to comment on a recent tweet about Starfield's start screen from former WoW team lead Mark Kern.

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Obscure_Observer309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Kern has been trying to get some attention creating controversies to stay "relevant" for some time now, especially nowadays, since no gaming company wants his a$$ around.

He was fired from his own studio fcs!

Hines calling his stance unprofessional was the best answer for a now irrelevant and jealous person.

VER1ON309d ago

Yes, he has been overly 'expressive' for quite some time now.

XBManiac308d ago

Well... if it is the screen that you watch while servers give you access to the game... not, really.

4Sh0w308d ago

This is from the same "dev" that's been hatin' hard on Xbox lately, he sounds more like a fanboy without a home, he's been all over twitter looking for attention, talking about "xbots", hatin on the ABK deal, and Starfield. He was kicked out ofa company, he help found, the guy is a old hack looking to gain fame off the backs of other hardworking devs, so embarrassing, a fan already exposed him, watch this:

neutralgamer1992308d ago

No doubt this person is looking attention it seems

lelo2play308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

In all the years I've been gaming, never seen so much hate for a game as Starfield... and the game isn't out yet.

thorstein308d ago

I could give you a list of games "journos" hate and articles just from N4G so you can peruse the comments for games that have received insane amount of hate.

What gets worse for most of the games (and it will for Starfield) is the straight up lies that were published about the games.

Astrokis308d ago

Days Gone is one that’s been relentlessly hated on. I didn’t like it but I’ve never felt the need to hate on it

generic-user-name308d ago

This is the natural evolution of Spiderman's puddle-gate. Complaining about stupid things can get you an awful lot of attention these days, dude only had to make one tweet about a start screen to make headlines.

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-Foxtrot309d ago


It's a Start screen, you won't be one it for more than 5 seconds before you select New Game

blackblades308d ago

I mean you can say the same about themes on UIs but yet people.......

neutralgamer1992308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

To be fair we stare at UI’s for a lot of different things so it should be clean and simple. Sometimes these companies try too hard to make it more complicated than it needs to be

Xbox should have a very similar UI like PS5. There is nothing wrong in copying what works

Michiel1989303d ago

@Blackblades not sure if you know what a UI is.....his whole point was that you look at the starting screen for 5 seconds and you look at a UI for basically the entire game.....

Christopher308d ago

It's also pretty standard for Bethesda start screens.

Sonic1881308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

You beat me to it. I would also say most Bethesda games have *lot's of bugs after launch* is pretty standard as well.

thorstein308d ago

And if this is the start screen, then I am completely fine by it.

shinoff2183309d ago

So dumb. Bethesada start screens have never had much flare. It doesn't make a huge deal. I'd take a fallout or starfield over anything this guys ever helped put out

sparky77309d ago

Looks like we are already seeing the petty reasons people will come up with to dunk on this game.

Doge309d ago

Mans desperate for attention after GamerGate died down.