Is it time to build a PC instead of upgrading to next-gen consoles?

2023 has seen its share of ups and downs in the gaming industry, mainly the poor launch of Jedi: Survivor and Boulder's Gate 3 blowing us away while d...

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purple101103d ago

no because some people struggling with $500 for a ps5 let alone $1500 for a pc,
what a short sited question.

the amount of people with a 'good' pc is probably only 5% of total players.

Ddavis7690103d ago

Mine is about $600 to build and it still rocks all modern games.

Tacoboto102d ago

When people say this, im curious of the build. What's yours?

102d ago
Ddavis7690102d ago


B450 strix motherboard
850w PSU
Ryzen 5 2600x
1tb solid state HDD

Then Xbox One controller for RPG
G240 hero mouse for competitive shooters
ASUS 32in 1080p monitor.

merlox102d ago


B550-PLUS Tuf Gaming motherboard
RTX 3060
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
32gb DDR 4 RAM
Apex gaming 550w modular p/s
2 1tb and 512gb SSD
2 8tb external HDD
Corsair liquid cooling
Sony A80j OLED TV

This is my computer setup.

rippermcrip102d ago

No, that setup certainly will not rock all modern games.

Crows90102d ago


Both setups are perfectly fine at 1080p resolution and higher with some games.

Your statement reeks of ignorance.

RedDevils102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

That's not a $600 pc lmao. That CPU, Motherboard and RAM price alone is already over budget for some people.

notachance101d ago

doesn’t look $600 to me..
well in my country at least

Tacoboto101d ago

@ above

Neither of those "$600 builds" would've been "$600" with brand new parts when they were released and neither can rock "all" new games.

People that try to minimize the cost of PC gaming are full of crap. My previous 2070 Super that's only barely adequate for modern 1440p60fps gaming cost $500-$550 new by itself.

A 2600X won't get you anywhere with today's releases and a 3700X (my previous CPU) is hamstrung now as well. My 3700X was $329-$349 new, and a 3060 fell around that same range. So now that build too was far beyond that fake "$600" value.

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ElixerFactHunt103d ago

Yeah, if you have the money, it's worth it IF you get enough use out of it. So if you use it for other tasks or running applications and actually using them, including games and other entertainment, of course.

The problem is these days you're not getting a powerful GPU unless you spend out a lot of money on a 4080 (which is expensive) or a 4090 which doesn't cost that much more relative to the 4080. At that point it makes more sense to go 4090 if you're already spending silly money.

Your only other option is going AMD for a cheaper (but still pricey to some) GPU and/or run a 1080p monitor so it's easier to get good fps. Literally the only thing expensive today is the GPU. RAM and storage costs are super cheap today, and most other components are reasonable too.

Unfortunately though, with AI gaining traction with Nvidia and people using applications that use it, it might mean Nvidia charge a lot for their GPUs for a while yet. Cost might not come down much, and even though AMD have inferior features/performance other than being quite competitive in gaming, they are also pricing their GPUs fairly high as well.

StarkR3ality102d ago

Think you're over stating what you need for a GPU, you've literally named the 2 worst bang for your buck GPU's. A 3060ti out performs these current consoles. I got a 4070ti for about £720 and it's probably maybe a 2.5 - 3x multiplier.

Yeah PC gaming is expensive but only talk about things you have any idea about pal.

1nsomniac102d ago

Agreed with @Stark. Clearly don’t have any clue at all about pc gaming yet trying to tell others how it is.

I’m currently running a 2070 super (albeit I’ve overclocked it) but I run every game maxed out at 1440p. So how does that work…?

DoubleTTB22102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

A PS5 is about as powerful as a 6700xt or 4060ti. You can find these cards for $300-350 these days. And there are cheaper cards like the 6600 and 2070 super that you can find for 200 bucks and still play the latest triple a games at 60 fps so long as you turn off all ray-tracing.

Add in a $80 motherboard, $90 cpu, $50 Psu, $50 case, $50 16 gb ddr4, $50 970 3gb/s 1tb ssd and you are actually doing really well for yourself at $570-$720 total.

You might buy a few more cheap things like a third party heatsink for your cpu, thermal paste, extra case fans, keyboard and mouse assuming you don't have one. But you can get heatsinks, fans, and thermal paste thrown in for free a lot of the time. Assuming you can just plug the desktop into the same tv you were going to plug your console, you can make a pc on par with a ps5 for around $750 these days. Still more expensive but not by a ton considering that it can also replace your computer, is upgradeable, has mod support, more controller options, has a bigger library of games spanning the last 20+ years, etc.

RupeeHoarder102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

“Add in a $80 motherboard, $90 cpu, $50 Psu, $50 case, $50 16 gb ddr4, $50 970 3gb/s 1tb ssd and you are actually doing really well for yourself at $570-$720 total.”

🙄 and you still don’t have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Microsoft windows, anything to actually output audio…. This comparison and all others about cheap gaming pc’s are a joke. I know you mentioned the tv but for most that’s not the option… and this build will last you a hot minute before you’re already behind in the pc gaming world.

DoubleTTB22102d ago (Edited 102d ago )


"🙄 and you still don’t have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Microsoft windows, anything to actually output audio…. This comparison and all others about cheap gaming pc’s are a joke."

You would still need a monitor/TV and something to produce audio for a console as well, so including that in the price is irrelevant here. A keyboard and mouse are super cheap and are included in the final figure for an additional $30. Honestly, you could get them for $20 if they are bundled together, and completely free if they come with one of your other parts.

Windows can be easily gotten for free. You can even download it for free from their website. Heck you can find an activation key for 5 bucks, but you don't even need it unless changing your desktop background is that important to you. If you don't have a USB to install it that is another 5 bucks. Honestly, a cost this small is hardly even worth bringing up.

Really online subscriptions on console are a much more significant cost that I didn't bother to bring up either. $60 a year every year does a lot to even out the cost there. I used to get them on sale for 30-40 bucks a year, but it is still going to add up to a lot more than getting windows, and a keyboard and mouse pretty fast. Even if I throw in a Gamepad on PC, it is basically just wiped out by the subscription in a single year.

Is PC more expensive, sure. But not nearly to the degree the original poster is suggesting. They were picking out single GPU's that cost more than an entire rig with PS5-level power. Heck if you are someone who doesn't need the mobility of a laptop for work or school or anything, then the price of a console + a cheaper laptop/pc for everyday use, Is around the same as the price of just the gaming PC which would cover both needs.

Crows90102d ago

The level of ignorance on what graphic cards are needed astound me. A gtx970 has been enough to run games from way back then until pretty much now. You don't need 4k when sitting in front of a small screen.

You most definitely don't need a latest card to run current gen games. I myself am doing fine with a GTX 2060.

VariantAEC100d ago

ElixerFactHunt's (EFH) post is just four paragraphs long. In paragraph 1 EFH discusses that PCs can tend to be useless if you spend too much and don't need it for much; this is the single most subjective take in EFH's entire post.

Paragraph 2 basically says powerful GPUs are expensive and many games really push RTX 4000 series cards which basically everyone agrees with. Even former PS5 exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are crushing the current cutting-edge PC GPUs at max settings and in more ways than one (not just focusing on rendering but also RTX IO features).

EFH's 3rd paragraph makes the claim that GPUs are the most expensive part of modern PC builds. This is true unless you're also considering buying 8 or more TB of storage in the form of Gen 4 NVMe storage... oh wait even those cost a measly $1K USD right now, meaning the latest RTX GPUs at $960-$1,600 USD is OBJECTIVELY SPEAKING the most expensive part of nearly 100% of any modern gaming PC build. Only if you buy older RTX 3000 or used GPUs can you save a few hundred more dollars and even so the GPU alone will most likely cost more than the MSRP of any current console.
Those are the facts rejecting them is precisely why you have so many disagrees.

But wait, there's a fouth paragraph!
That's right in EFH's 4th and final paragraph it is explained that AMD is just nowhere near Nvidia in the GPU department.
I will add that we all know Intel is where its at on PC as far as CPUs are concerned. Epyc is simply not as good for gaming as Core i7 and i9 series CPUs especially if we look at CPUs released by both manufacturers within one year of each other. Intel wipes the floor with AMD we all know it though the denial is still incredibly strong. Actually AMD's biggest achievements have been in the console space and HW sales are the best there (mostly because PC gamers prefer Intel/Nvidia for superior performance).

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on_line_forever102d ago

Games on PC is cheaper than consoles

Babadook7102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

No. Consoles still support physical and re-sellable games.

FinalFantasyFanatic101d ago

It's about even, or at least it is in Australia, between the PSN store and Steam, the prices tend to trade blows with each other (at least you can shop around for Steam or other store keys). Nintendo is always expensive though, so I only use them for exclusives, especially now the Steam Deck is a thing and gives PC gaming portability.

ocelot07102d ago

Yer sorry but you come off as someone who simply does not know enough about gaming PC's. Only 5% of pc players have a good pc? Are you on crack or something.

Last month I put together a system for my friend. Total cost was £490. CPU is a 5700 xt, CPU 3600, 16gb ram, 1tb SSD.

Better than a PS5? In some areas no in others yes. Out perform ps5 in terms of resolution and possible graphical fadelity probably not. However, Will perform better than a PS5 FPS wise for most titles. Plus access to pc only games and access to Xbox gamepass as well as emulation for example.

This pc is more than "good" and I'm fairly confident more than 5% of the pc gaming community have a better pc than it.

Babadook7102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

This PC is not as good as a PS5 overall and more pricy. Not many PC gamers will have even that strong of a machine. Higher FPS could simply mean you are dropping settings or unlocking FPS which isn't a one to one comparison. PS5 doesn't suffer from shader compilation stutter.

And, in about a year there will be a much stronger Playstation too.

purple101102d ago

Bearing in mind ps5 comes with a controller, and usually a game... in deals can be had for the RRP nowadays. Ie god of war Ragnarok bundle.

A good pc, I would mean anything that can BETTER ps5 quality. Ie.. about $800

one2thr102d ago

This is a fact. I just recent finished my pc build after putting it off for 10+ years.

And with the expected A.I. boom that's supposedly going to happen. GPU prices are also expected to go up.

S2Killinit102d ago

Its not just about money either though. I need my co sole. Even if I have a PC, I need my Playstation at least.

JackBNimble102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Well considering that you can pick and choose your parts, you don't have to buy it out all at once.
So buy a few parts every month or so and once you have everything you need then you build it. Problem is it seems console boys are to impatient to do this.

Zombieburger638102d ago

Yet I see tons of console fans wanting that mid gen console upgrade. Add the pay to play online and it evens out.