Kaplan: Neighbours do pot, Wii is not a fad look online

In a recent interview Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan revealed she was tired after her neighbours were up 'til 4am, smoking pot, and 'doing it' she even went on to refer to them as 'f**kers'. This woman sure has got heaps of class - NOT! Moving on she conducted the interview in her typical 'lazy' style and said the Wii is certainly not a fad, look online and you will see how much the Wii is becoming a part of people's lives whether it be to become fit or a focal point in a party. The following video also has small interviews from Sony and MS too!

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True Gamer4890d ago

There is no way the Wii can continue selling this much every day.

It is definitely a fad.

You can quote me on that in a couple of years once the sales slow down and it becomes just like the gamecube. ;)

TheMART4890d ago

For the first time in a long long time I can agree with you on that one.

I think we'll even see the decline of sales in some months and at least this year. Although only 5% of all people own HDTV's so in that view, there is 95% of them out there, attracting to a larger group then the original gamers that could do with a Wii on 480p...

Maddens Raiders4890d ago

being much more than a quiet niche machine that people (casuals) break out every now and again to fire up some party fun. I know it has sold quite a bit in its first offering, but this could be a foreboding sign akin to the Teddy Ginn, Jr. opening kickoff return for a touchdown for Ohio State and who can forget Devin Hester of the Bears doing the EXACT same thing - only for both of those teams to totally flame out at the end when it counted most. Yeah, I know it's an unorthodox metaphor, but the wii is not / and can not be / an 'everyday' game machine like the PS3 or Xbox360.

ChickeyCantor4889d ago

o look the 360 and ps3 fans are talking!!!
noticed that the DS is still selling?
well thats going to happen to the Wii!

and dont even bother to call me an n-fanboy, soon i will own all 3 systems.

TheMART4889d ago

One small difference between a handheld with tiny screens and a home entertainment gameconsole that uses big screens, doesn't it???

When HDTV's are being sold more and more, people want to display HD graphics.

Otherwise people would have sticked with 640 x 480 VGA screens on their PC's also... Content says a lot, but the difference between handhelds and playing at your bigass TV differs a lot.

Noticed that the Gamecube was also suffering being the weakest console around? And some other consoles of Nintendo... The gimmick with the controller is selling now, but won't hold the complete life cycle for sure

TheExodus4889d ago

It might take some of us a while to move past the denial stage, but Nintendo no longer has any competition left in the console market & the Wii's sales reflect this. Were Libby's to stop canning corn tomorrow people wouldn't mysteriously start buying less corn at the grocery, they'd just buy more from Green Giant. With a $399 pricetag, 1 year headstart & bottemless coffers of Microsoft at its disposal the Xbox 360 has matured into little more than a Halo station for 10 million people who would have otherwise spent their money on a videocard upgrade for their PCs. Sony has painted themselves into an extremely precarious corner with the PS3, because at $599 it's going to require a 50% pricecut before rational consumers even begin to consider it as an option provided someone else (Atari, Sega?) doesn't swoop back in to reclaim what was once theirs.

But at the end of the day seek comfort in knowing that the Wii isn't a fad, it's just all that's left.

hhuete4889d ago

NINTENDO IS FOR casual gamers,
i am not amused by pointing a controller at a screen reminds me when i first got my game console, and my parents tried playing and they moved with the controller LOL
Although I cannot deny that Nintendo is selling like crazy !!!!!!!!!

xbox had had a year advantage and ps3 is struggling
this is far from over...

lets face it though, this is a family console, its not for hardcore gamers, i would buy this console for a little kid for a present and they would prob get sad because they wanted a ps3 or xbox360 lol

i cannot see real gamers playing with their mom and dad and having a good ol time

fi they do they are the same ones that still live with them and dont pay rent


anthonsh4889d ago

You hardcores sure think a lot of yourself. If you're willing to buy that console that is twice the price and the label yourself as a hardcore gamer that is for some reason "better" than the people that are buying the nintendo systems, you better be ready to buy three times the number of games to prove it. Im a casual gamer and I own 5, plus 5 VC games. Have fun.

When you price your system so high that it rivals the price of a PC that can play the same / better games, you better be willing to compete with it.

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