Spawn coming to Call of Duty

No official announcement has been made besides that Todd McFarlane revealed that the beloved comic book character will be added to a major video game this October. https://mcfarlane.com/toys/...

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Tacoboto306d ago

How is this even a rumor that could get approved? The McFarlane URL points to an action figure page, the Credit Url references a vague statement from a month ago that doesn't suggest any one title nor do they themselves put Call of Duty in the headline.


Xbox Series Records Lowest Ever Sales in France Among Microsoft Consoles

AI Review writes: "The Xbox Series has been underperforming in France, registering the lowest sales figures among all the Microsoft consoles over the first four years of their respective lifespans."

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purple1017h ago

Xbox thinking they have a chance at being competitive

ThinkThink5h ago

Well, they aren't giving up so buckle in, buddy.

2h ago
Lightning772h agoShowReplies(3)
Christopher1h ago

The third-largest console market in the world? Japan got bumped down to 4th.

31m ago
SacreBleu11m ago

How come we never see Christopher mark PS fanboy comments from anast, AloyMetal, hofstaderman etc inappropriate?

Weird, surely a coincidence.

Destiny10805h ago(Edited 5h ago)

with E3 hype fizzling out in less then 24 hours, after the event, and with capcom not releasing certain games on the xbox platform and phil going multiplatform things are not looking good, right know

Knightofelemia4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

And this shows why Capcom is bypassing the Xbox with Marvel vs Capcom. Microsoft better get their head out of their ass and figure out how to fix this problem and how they want to go on with XBox as a brand. Xbox is well when the next gen systems come out I highly doubt I will get the next gen Xbox.

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Xbox & Bethesda Offering Refunds For Redfall Bite Back DLC

Did you buy the Redfall Bite Back DLC? Find out about the refund process and how to get compensation for your purchase.

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2h ago
Hofstaderman48m ago

How consumer friendly... should the game had even been released in that state?

just_looken28m ago

Right this was a screwup wrong team but great idea it should have been a different team and the island resident's were there based on a large company operation on that island.

That company had a secret housing facility supported by the worlds govt like a secret base/jail with a black ops team the vamps escape contentment so your sent in have a knock off blade perhaps wear wolf power person mix it up.

The goal to to containment/control clear sections of the island killing all those infected then a the main secret force employed by the company hold the sections of the island you took back.

But we got a shit game with a dev team that is no more along with millions wasted but atleast there giving back dlc money.

Now to fire up last of us 2 multiplayer mode that was promised in 2020 oh wait.....

Profchaos27m ago

This is realistically the best outcome for consumers as they could of ended up with a bunch of garbage avatar icon packs of weapon skins for other games or even nothing at all.

DivineHand12516m ago

I wouldn't mind if this game was delisted as it is a monumental stain on the Xbox brand and effectively broke the momentum they had going into 2023.


Life by You Creators Tried "Everything" to Avoid Cancellation

A former Life by You developer claims the game was doing "extremely well" before cancellation, and that he and his team weren't told why it was canceled.

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