Is Armored Core 6 a Soulslike? We Explain in Great Detail

Timo Writes: "Armored Core 6 will most likely turn out to be a massive hit, even in a year that seems to have a Game of the Year contender releasing at least once a month.

But Armored Core is a series that has been hibernating for the better part of 10 years. Most gamers familiar with FromSoftware's output don't know much about the series that put them on the map in the first place."

Flakegriffin103d ago

I’m so excited for this game 🙌🏼

DarthZoolu103d ago

It is absolutely nothing like souls, there is no point in all of these silly articles, because there are literally like 7 armored core games before this one. Plenty of gameplay on the Internet.

Rocketisleague103d ago

Is souls armored core like then? Just curious as I haven't played armored core before. Are they somewhat similar or completely different?

FinalFantasyFanatic103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Both are quite difficult games where you need certain strategies or a lot of preperation to win, otherwise they don't have anything in common (just two very different games). If anything, I'd say they loosely based Souls games on Armored Core, both games can have a lot of preparation leading up to a fight, and both can take a lot of skill to beat certain enemies or missions (although you have some freedom on how you choose to do it).

jznrpg103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

@FinalFantasyFanatic Souls games are based off of Shadow Tower and Kings Field having played those many years ago.

FinalFantasyFanatic102d ago

I've never played those, I've never heard of them either, so this is news to me.

MrBaskerville102d ago

Souls games are more an evolution of FromSoftwares Kingsfield and Shadow Tower series. AC is something entirely different. It's more of an action game with a huge focus on mech customization. You read a mission briefing and create a suitable mech for the job.

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BrainSyphoned103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

So if I play FF1-10 I know exactly what FF 11-16 play like? I don't know what the game will play like structurally and therefore have zero care to buy it outside of FromSoft's name. At first blush to me I think "shitty Gundam multiplayer arena game" and

lucian229103d ago

You can literally read that this is the number 6th game, therefore you can look at gameplay of older games and see. Grow up lol

StoriedGamer103d ago

This mentality is literally like expecting Overwatch 2 to be a fantasy RPG like World of Warcraft since they're made by the same company. As for first glance, I can at least understand where you're coming from with the Gundam comment, but jumping to conclusions and assuming it's a multiplayer arena game I cannot fathom. Make assumptions all you like, but you're exemplifying the phrase of why we shouldn't assume things...

MrBaskerville102d ago

15 games to be a little more precise.

KwietStorm_BLM103d ago

The only reason this keeps getting brought up is because new people are paying attention to it. But you don't even have to dig very deep to answer the question yourself.

geekmandem103d ago

People ask questions, so people provide the answer. Sounds about right. Of course new people are going to discover AC6, the developer has just come off the back of a massive global hit game.

KwietStorm_BLM103d ago

Uh yeah that's my point. People think it's a Soulslike game JUST because it's made by From software. Stop looking at their massive hit game. This one has a 6 in the title. The series has been around for years, and like I said, you can look at one video and see what it isn't.

geekmandem103d ago

Fair, but people are searching it... that's why we wrote the article. I don't see the issue :S

StoriedGamer103d ago

The reason this keeps getting brought up is modern journalism can't be arsed to actually do research and just wants the most clickbait centric titles so that they can continue to profit off of mediocre writing.

TriniOutsider103d ago

Lol, everything is Souls-like now huh? These Souls fans are gonna discover that AC is nothing like the Souls games. They're simply gonna buy the game because it's Fromsoft.

Seraphim102d ago

nothing wrong with that. It just gives FromSoft more funds to keep banging out quality games/hits. If these people are pissed they bought a game they don't like because their expectations were misplaced, that's on them.

mastershredder103d ago

Souls fans need to crawl back under their rinse and repeat rock.

jznrpg103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

This is Armored Core 6 though. They don’t come out as frequently but still the 6th game. I enjoy both series

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Why 2023 Has Been The Year Of The Soulslikes

Elden Ring’s 2022 GOTY award has seemingly caused a surge in Soulslike titles in 2023.

anast13d ago

Were Lies of P, AC6, and Blasphemous made in a year? This is a real question.

AlterRecs13d ago

I doubt Armored Core and Blasphemous were, not sure Lies of P was either

HyperMoused13d ago

They...they were released this year...is what i think its saying

Seraphim13d ago

while I agree the problem likely comes from the text below the headline which states, "Elden Ring’s 2022 GOTY award has seemingly caused a surge in Soulslike titles in 2023."

Elden Rings success had nothing to do with any of these games. They were in development well before Elden Rings success.... it's just a stupid comment on so many different levels. While it's true some developers/publishers seek to capitalize on trends you can't just whip up a competent Soulslike in a matter of 12 months.