Sony May Never Have a Halo Killer

It seems like every time an exclusive first person shooter is announced for the Playstation 3, it is instantly dubbed as a "Halo killer" by anticipatory Sony supporters. The original Resistance: Fall of Man comes to mind. While it may have sold well, and established a respectable fan base, it in no way "killed" the Halo franchise. Haze is another game that was hyped up beyond belief, and was also given the title of "Halo killer." That game was met with average reviews, and didn't seem to slay the mighty Halo series, either. Along comes Resistance 2. It looks promising. The graphics have received a considerable upgrade. The scale in the campaign is much larger, and the multiplayer supports up to 60 players, and is very addictive and fun. If anything could kill Halo, it would be this game, right? Nope. Halo lives. Halo hasn't even received any wounds, let alone died. Finally, we have the upcoming Killzone 2. It looks excellent. The graphics seem to push the Playstation 3 further than ever before, the campaign looks exciting, and the multiplayer looks very enjoyable. On top of all of this, the early reviews have been positive. Is this game finally going to slaughter Halo and leave it's children without a daddy? Not a chance, and here is an explanation of why.

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Violater3573d ago

halo was already killed by COD4
I think we should be looking for the COD4 killer.

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ICUP3573d ago

"first killzone 2 review from OPM-5/5"

fixed for you.

alster233573d ago

capital g your retarded its 5/5

ReTarDedFisHy3573d ago

What the. Hell?!

First of all wtf do you mean? "No not Killzone 2"? "Sony will have have a halo killer"?! WTF. I wish I could make that WTF ALOT bigger.

I'm utterly dumbfounded. Unless you don't speak English you should refrain from commenting gibberish.

And Killzone 2 got a 5/5 from OPM, not 5/10.

PixlSheX3573d ago

Resistance 2's - 30 vs 30 competitive FTW!

AAACE53573d ago

I remember when the first Killzone was announced, they said it would be a Halo killer!

The hard truth is... Halo pretty much killed itself, cause the main story is over.

Technically, none of the games dubbed "Halo killer" can even compare to halo. I consider a killer to be a game that has a similar story, gameplay and graphic style as the game it's trying to kill. That excludes the other games cause they went in a different direction than Halo. The only thing that linked them, was the fact that they were FPS games.

I think developers should make the best games they can and not make a game just to be better than the competition. Making a game the best you can is what made CoD 4 stand out so much!

Bathyj3573d ago

Who is "they" exactly.

And Capital G, you should be on birth control posters.

Bnet3433573d ago


In Sony's case, they need to have an exclusive FPS that sells over 8 million copies.

will113573d ago

We dont need a Halo killer because the PS3 is a Xbox killer

PixlSheX3573d ago

Exclusive or not, CoD is a hallo killer.

sa_nick3573d ago

How can a PS3 game even kill an xbox game? They're different systems!!!

If everyone with a PS3 buys KZ2, it isn't going to damage the sales of Halo at all, its played by different freaking ppl.

It's like saying I bought this new t-shirt so I never need to eat pizza again.

Homicide3573d ago

Call of Duty 4 is multiplat and sold better on 360.

Bladestar3573d ago

"We dont need a Halo killer because the PS3 is a Xbox killer " HAHAHAHAHAHA!... I am not sure that's the right thing to say about a console that's A) On 3rd place, B) Getting beat 3:1 in terms of sales by the "killed"!

wake up and smell the coffee... your opinion it's not popular outside of your little world of Sony fans... Sales charts don't lie.

You can argue all you want about how superior the PS3 and any PS3 game is... but if it can't match Halo in terms of sales... than it's no Halo killer...

Also, why do you think Sony does not release the PS3 Online activity for their games? I mean, Microsoft does? What are they afraid of?
You have no way of proving the popularity of any of exclusive PS3 game... and Sony wants to keep it that way for obvious reasons.

Unicron3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

More numbers and stats. I really don't understand the preoccupation with numbers and stats. I really don't.

I mean... I guess Sonic 3 is a better game if 2.9 million other people are playing it. That should make it more fun for me... right? Right?

Sales charts don't lie. But the term "Game killer" does. I mean, I don't see people running around saying "Gran Turismo" killer, which sold more than even, yes, Halo. Gran Turismo is the Halo killer according to sales charts, which never lie.

Play games people. Not sales numbers. It's not always a competition.

N4360G3573d ago

Halo is a great franchise,but it is serious overrated.I would say Killzone 2 would be the game to kill Halo but Call Of Duty 4 already did that when it came out so...

NegativeCreepWA3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I like the COD and Ghost Recon series more than the Halo series. I'll probably like Killzone 2 more and I still agree with the article.

Halo has turned into the Mario of platformers, the GOW of action games, the GT of racing, Final Fantasy of RPGs, the WoW of mmos.

Even if a better FPS comes out Halo will still be considered the best.

Kaneda3573d ago

I think Halo killed itself when they released Halo 3

NewZealander3573d ago

i enjoyed the previous halo games, but i would like to see more emotion and action, get some real feelings and emotions from the characters, for a huge battle the main characters still seem a bit wooden and last gen.

why does halo sell so well? honestly i just dont know anymore, again i really enjoued playing through halo 3, but when the hype died down halo 3 is really nothing new, or even special, its fun yes but its getting a bit old now, i will probably buy ther halo games, but not because its the best shooter anymore, just because the hype says we are meant to buy it.

Viper73573d ago

PPl should update their info, Call of Duty4 already "killed" Halo.
Now we are looking for call of duty4 competitor. But if you think kill as a term to make gamers completely loose interest on some game by making a new one, thats pretty much imbossible.

Killzone2 wont be a Halo killer nor it will replace Call of duty4 but just like resistance2 it will be a great game atleast from its multiplayer portion.

MasFlowKiller3573d ago

i dont remember the Fall of Man been marketed as a hallo killer but the truth is that sony doesn't need a halo killer anymore becuase Gears of War is now the premier tittle on the 360, as much as i love halo 3 ti me it was so over hype that when i played the first time i fell cheated, halo 2 with and ending and somewhat better graphics

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monkpunk13573d ago

Years ago we called all first person shooters "doom clones" never played one Halo either as when the first came out i was playing "doom clones" on my pc....

You can guarantee that one day in the not too different future someone out there in the vast expanse of the internet will say "killzone killer" at some point.

ravinash3573d ago

Don't get me wrong, Halo is a good game. You can do all the advertising in the world but if the game is no good then it won't draw the crowds.

But there are dozens of games that are just as good but don't sell the same numbers. The simple reason for this is the Halo is the flagship game for the Xbox and as such MS are going to get behind it and use all their advertising power to get the game out there.
I don't think there has ever been a game that was pushed more by the advertising dollar than Halo3.
PS3 HAS had games that have been just as good as halo, but without the advertising behind it, they will never get to the same numbers.

Fallen_Angel3573d ago

You have to laugh at all the sony fanboy saying CoD4 is SONY'S Halo killer. Sony fanboys yet to stupid to even know what sony is.

The Killer3573d ago

about Metal gear solid killer?? or God of war Killer? or showdow of the colossus killer?

i personally think halo franchise is good but more like childish then a mature game, there is nothing to kill it for, and if anybody want to kill halo then they should make a cartoonish shooter game.

iNcRiMiNaTi3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

and yet i see people saying cod4 already killed halo. never knew sony owned cod4...coulda sworn i played that game on my 360...funny, i guess u learn something new everyday

jammy_703573d ago

theres just games a lot better than it!

crazypuppet3573d ago

Call of duty 4 sold 6.91m, and halo 3 sold 8.92. It didnt even outsell halo 2 which sold 8.4.

Megaton3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

If you're going by quality for this "Halo Killer" title, it's already been killed many times over. I think "CoD4 Killer" is a much more appropriate title in the console FPS quality department.

If it's sales you're looking for, give any game the Halo 3 ad bankroll and see what happens. I'll bet Microsoft spent more money advertising Halo 3 than Bungie spent developing it.

NickIni3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"You can argue all you want about how superior the PS3 and any PS3 game is... but if it can't match Halo in terms of sales... than it's no Halo killer..."

Quality>>>sales. And in Quality, nearly every FPS since Halo 3 has been released has been a "halo killer" so to speak.

Halo CE was pretty awesome. But it went down hill from there, Halo 2 was OK, but 3 was just a mediocre shooter. If anythings to be dubbed a "halo killer" it should be Microsoft. In ten years time, we'll still be drowning under Halo games.

The Great Melon3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Although all of the ps3 games that are labeled Halo killers are great (except for Haze), they don't have two things that are necessary. The first is easy - marketing. I can't say anything about cable or dish, but on plain old over-the-air TV I have probably only seen about four commercials since the ps3 came out. The second thing Halo has that none of the ps3 games have is that Halo is more tactical than most shooters (think that's the word to use). The later iterations of Halo have been tailored to online competition. My roommate got 360 over the summer and still has not got through the campaign because all he plays is the online portion. Hopefully my rambling makes sense

Thought of a third thing. Sony needs to create game with a name that can be recognized. Microsoft is on its third game whereas Sony are creating new IPs. It will probably take one or two games in order to build their game up to the level that Halo has ascended. It took Microsoft several years, it will take Sony several years.

Thugbot1873573d ago

COD4 is not a Halo killer because it's multi-platform. So if you read in the context they are talking about (Sony having an exclusive shooter that kills Microsoft Halo.)

Now is COD4 better than Halo yes and no... I love both games but they are two different types of shooters. COD serious being more realistic and is on the level of a Delta Force, SOCOM, Team Fortress Classic, Rainbow 6, and Ghost Recon.

Another think I would like to point out is one of the reasons Sony my never have a Halo killer is because it would seem the majority of the shooter type gamer is on the Xbox platform. Let's not forget the arguments of last generation Xbox only has shooters, who cares about shooters we play other games. This isn't to say the current shooters will not compare to what's on Xbox but to say the audience majority my not appear to be on the PlayStation platform as of yet allowing MS to hold the crown in this area with Halo.

prowiew3573d ago

Halo is too big to be killed. But killzone looks like a good competitor. Personally Halo is my most played series ever. I think im addicted to that freaking game.

vhero3573d ago

Oh gimme a break we all know halo sells on name and not gameplay not to mention them 8 million copies INCLUDE the millions given away with consoles sold! the numbers are a joke just like MS other numbers MS is the king of numbers! If Sony gave away a copy of resistance free with every PS3 it would sell like Halo 3. I got a copy of Halo3 free with my 2nd 360 after my 1st 360 stopped reading discs!. Every game store gave a copy of the game free when it came out in the UK thats gotta add a couple of million at LEAST.

Mozilla893573d ago

More like the media does it to build up hype and generate excitement for their articles.

hfaze3572d ago

"COD4 is not a Halo killer because it's multi-platform. So if you read in the context they are talking about (Sony having an exclusive shooter that kills Microsoft Halo.)"

LOL... Just don't want to face up to the FACT that a game actually managed to steal and KEEP the "most played" spot on XBox Live from Halo 3 (and so soon after the release of Halo 3)?

YES, CoD4 is a multi-platform game. YES, CoD4 may not have had the sales numbers that Halo 3 did. But considering that CoD4 was the most played game on both XBox Live and PSN for so long, how could you NOT consider it a "halo killer"?

Personally, I could care less if Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 do not smash Halo 3 on sales... (which I'm 99.999% sure they won't) R2 is a blast to play, and KZ2 looks phenomenal...

Halo 3 sold mainly on hype... The HUGE barrage of commercials, magazine ads, Halo3 Mountain Dew, etc. Not to mention it is the FLAGSHIP title for the XBox brand (kind of like Mario games on Nintendo consoles).

This whole "Halo Killer" thing is just ridiculous. It should be whether a game is a good game or not, not whether or not it kills "X" game.

u got owned3572d ago

I think for a game to be a Halo killer it should be on the same console in the first place.

Shepherd 2143572d ago

COD4 didnt sell more than Halo on 360, and probably not sell as much on both PS3 or 360. as of right now, according to, COD4 is the 4th most played xbox Live game, while Halo 3 is the second most played. COD: World at War is number 1, but it came out a year later so obviously it will be more popular for awhile, then we'll see if it dies down or not.

Not to mention, COD didnt get better review scores. According to, COD4 received a 94 out of 100 from the critics. Guess what Halo 3 got? a 94 out of 100. And i myself believe Halo 3 to be better.

COD4 didnt do anything. Regardless of whether anyone sees this post, its true. Sorry guys.

prunchess3572d ago

When do these guys ever get a chnace to play Halo with all that t-bagging they do!

ugabugaz3572d ago

Sony doesn't need to have a Halo Killer. The job was done when H3 was released. Oh and by the way, i want to fast forward time so i can play KZ2 NOW!!!

littletad3572d ago

In terms of replay and fun factor. The story was really boring, only in 3, but it's still one of the best games out there.

I personally think Sony will never have a game that is addicted as that, but it will surely have games that are more memorable. MGS4 is a perfect example.

Why dis3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I 2nd that, Two "PS3's Halo's" have already released.

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Timesplitter143573d ago

Halo > every other game

in the same way that

50cent > Mozart

Halo may be the most popular but it's FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from being the greatest game

ThichQuangDuck3573d ago

are you sure your supposed to be here? but seriously halo 3 killed the halo series for me and no one needs a halo killer anymore because other games have easily beaten halo 3 multiplayer which is what halo is truely known for

WANNA GET HIGH3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Last time i checked COD4 was not a ps3 exlusive... :/


So if cod4(A MULTIPLAT GAME) killed halo3 then what did it do to resistance1/2!?!?!?!?

Viper73573d ago

ITs way more effective to kill something when spreading the "joy" for multiple platforms. It doesnt need to be an exclusive, why should it.
You want to drag ppl away from halo, didnt Call of duty4 do just that and in multiple platforms.

InMyOpinion3573d ago

What does taste in music have to do with being "educated"? Educated people can't listen to 50? Or do you need some special education to enjoy Mozart? =)

He's just being elitist. I like both of them but I don't think they would fare well in each others territories, therefore you can't say one is better than the other. Mozart's lyrics would probably be wack and 50's classical compositions best left unknown. It all comes down to personal preference. Only an insecure idiot would go around only listening to Mozart if he actually enjoys 50 cent more, unless you listen to music just because you want people to perceive you in a certain way, "educated" for instance.

u got owned3572d ago

I will have to strongly agree with Jenzo on this one.

Shepherd 2143572d ago

comparing Halo popularity to a multiplatform game is unfair

thats like saying i beat you in a weightlifting contest because i had another guy help me lift the weights.

Tiberium3572d ago

That's a horrible analogy. Mozart is more popular than 50cent and has sold a hell of a lot more than it has. And if people say COD4 killed halo3 then fine. COD4 360 killed COD4 PS3, you lose anyway.

IcarusOne3572d ago

That's hilarious. Our world is slowly dying.

You guys are arguing over nothing. The only way there could be a Halo killer is if a game came along that pulled most of the 8 million Halo fans away from the franchise - which of course means the game would have to be on Xbox. So really - when you think about it - it's impossible for Sony to produce a Halo killer because the people playing Halo will never really care what Sony has on its console.

Call of Duty may have put a dent in it, but look at the sales of World In Conflict. Not so hot. This was a brief distraction for the Halo crowd, but Halo certainly is not dead. ODST will still sell like hot cakes.

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Snow3573d ago

Funny..I thought COD4 was at the top of the play charts for 90% of the year?

WANNA GET HIGH3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

They are talking about sony having an exlusive FPS that can match halo3.I am not a fan boy but n4g is getting pretty lame.U guys just want to make ur self feel happy.The truth is resistance1/2 haze did not go no were close to doing what halo3 has done sales wise and online.

EDIT:PixlSheX BELOW.I have a ps3 and resistance2,psn id is jon_abobo.add me so i can prove im not a 360 fan boy trying to be funny, but resistance2 online is not what i expected.I play cod4 more than resistance2.If cod4 killed halo3 then cod4 buried resistance2 not 6 but 12 feet under ground.Halo3 is more played than resistance1/2 combined together and sales wise it beats resistance2,U can say resistance2 is better but how come resistance2 did not have an impact like halo3 had.Rviews,sales,and the amout of people that play halo3 speaks for its self.I have both consoles but i really dont care any more.N4G is filled with blind ps3 fan boys, i know 360 fanboys are here also but ps3 are here the most.This site is getting a big fat LAME.

PixlSheX3573d ago

Technically, and personally (REPEAT, PERSONALLY), resistance's 2 online destroyed halo's 3 one.

Snow3573d ago

I guess you missed my giant headline?

"" Halo hasn't even received any wounds, let alone died""

I'm not talking about the article itself.I'm talking about a statement they made within the article.

The BS Police3573d ago

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles Of 2008(based on UU’s)
1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
5 Gears of War
6 CoD: World at War
7 Guitar Hero III
8 Battlefield: Bad Company Demo
9 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo
10 Rock Band
11 Fable II
12 Mirror's Edge Demo
13 Madden NFL 09
14 BF: Bad Company
15 Rainbow Six Vegas 2
16 UNO
17 Castle Crashers
18 COD: World at War Multiplayer Beta
19 Forza Motorsport 2
20 Too Human - Demo

ravinash3573d ago

Do you think that all the people playing COD4 on Live & on PSN would out number the people playing Halo3.
I don't have numbers, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Lou-Cipher3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

If we are talking about the pure quality of the game, then PS3 already has several games that could be called Halo killers.

If we are talking about the amount of sales, then no Sony does not have a Halo killer yet.

MrWeymes3573d ago

Read the entire article. Without a hint of fanboy-ism, I am saying that regardless of sales, or quality, Sony will never have a Halo killer.

JohnnyChimpo3573d ago

Halo SUCKS! That game is horrible, I played 1 and 2, it never showed me anything beyond kill little purple alien A. with globby green goo gun. LAME! It's a FPS for kids!

MrWeymes3573d ago

If you read the entire article, you would understand that I am not saying that Sony will never make an excellent first person shooter to rival the Halo series. I am saying that the Halo series has an established fan base, and regardless of what new games come out, history cannot be erased. Halo is almost as well known as Mario by this point.

Jak games are excellent platformers, but does that mean they are "Mario killers?" No. They co-exist.

Yoma3573d ago


It's stupid to give you a disagree for your opinion, but you act like halo is the god of games.

MrWeymes3573d ago

In my personal opinion, I prefer the Resistance series as opposed to the Halo series. How can anyone deny that the Halo series is going to be remembered as video game history? It's like saying that a new sci fi film is a Star Wars "killer." It's already a legend. You can't kill it.

evilmonkey5013573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

halo is a game for wannabe TIGGERS (tiggers go bounce) w/ guns. There are so many better games out there for this system...its just that this game is marketed towards 8 year olds...I really have no interest, ever, to purchase this game. This game is overhyped to the extreme.It offers absolutely no challenge whatsoever. And who cares anyways if Sony ever has a "HALO KILLER". I am so sick of this bias one way or the other... people like mr. waymes seriously need to play games more and talk out their arse less. All systems have something GREAT to offer. this "my personal choice can beat up your personal choice" b.s needs to cease. who cares? really? are you going to ever change someones preference? most likely not. so shut up. I quit this can all enjoy each others misery.Im off to play games.

Kleptic3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

this was actually a very well thought out opinion...and I agree with the entire thing...

halo as a brand only took one massive hit...which was in the form of Cod 4...One could easily argue that cod 4 knocked the legs right out from underneath halo 3...halo 3 launched first in September 2007...while cod 4 launched roughly 5 weeks later in the US...Halo 3 had massive sales through late september and october...and held pretty well the rest of the year...but cod 4, being multiplatform, easily rose to the challenge...and became the top selling game of the year, even with 5 weeks less of availability...

but the wounds of that ran far deeper...CoD 4 arguably cannabilized 360 hardware offering an incredible shooter to the competing didn't matter that it was mattered that PS3 owners had access to the highest rated first person shooter (and went on to win GOTY across nearly every single major media source) of 2007...CoD 4 went on to sail through early 2008 with impressive sales as well...and didn't stop until GTAIV released in april of 2008...

So what MS advertised as the end of the console war...a single game to wipe out all competing systems to the 'core audience...didn't come close to sold well to the target audience, most of which already owned the 360 (similar situation to MGS4 with the PS3)...and cod 4 became the surprise phenomenon that is still the most played online shooter of this generation so far...

Killzone 2 is in a different boat entirely...MS has absolutely zero to counter it exclusive wise for early 2009...nor is there any high profile 3rd party release to counter it as well...if you are tired of any past shooters, and want to play something of equal or better quality, that is also brand new...killzone 2 is it...and the PS3 is the only place to play it...I guarantee a ton of 360 only owners will completely reconsider just how viable the PS3 is as a shooter platform with the release of this game...I am a shooter fanboy WAY more than any console fanboy...and just 35 hours in the beta would have may fronting money for a gaming rig if that was the only platform that could play (interestingly enough, the game LOOKS like that is what its being rendered out of)...if you like online competitive shooters...killzone 2 will sink its hooks far deeper than you are expecting; that is if you get a chance to try it...

but I agree that it won't hurt Halo as a franchise...the brand of halo is seemingly invicible...but its console moving prowess is actually lower than many make it sound...its a franchise that focuses on the very core of the Xbox buyer market...when the games release...almost everyone that wants it and is excited for it already owns the systems...many games fall into that category...of course it boosts sales considerably in its window...but some guys make it sound like an FFVII situation...where the PS1 went from around 30 million sold to like 70 million in just one year iirc...people will always buy halo stuff...but its not a force that other hardware publishers should be so worried about...over 11 million pieces of halo software sold through last generation...yet the PS2 sold about 110 million more consoles than the Xbox...there is a lot more to the industry than having a solid shooter franchise...

GiantEnemyLobster3573d ago

killzone 2!!11 teh cell!