MS: We do not regret Abandoning Xbox 1 So Early

In a recent interview, Shane Kim roared MS do not regret abandoning the Xbox 1 as early as they did. They knew they were not going to win the last generation, and it wasn't a case of milking as much cash as possible but defining the future. There would've been no point in rolling out Halo 3 quickly on Xbox 1 as a better experience will be had on the Xbox 360.


1UP:Do you guys regret abandoning the Xbox as early as you did? It seemed like the Xbox died suddenly?

SK: No, I don't regret that at all. First of all, we made a strategic decision as a company that we were going to focus on the next generation. We're going to bring our most important assets to the next-generation and we made that decision a couple of years before we launched the Xbox 360 so that we could start to have a portfolio lined up and I think we're starting to see the fruits of that. We knew we weren't going to win the last generation, so it's not about 'how do milk as much money as we can' out of the last generation, it's about how do we define the future. That's what winning the next-generation is all about. It'd be an easy financial thing to say 'hey you should do another Halo for Xbox version one, but that doesn't really help us or our customers. We know we can create a much better experience on Xbox 360 for Halo 3. Frankly, I don't think that's what the developers want. Most of our development partners are completely focused on 'how do we redefine what the bar of next-gen gaming is.' They are completely focused on setting the new standard. Doing another version on [Xbox one]? They all believe they'll make more money on Xbox 360.

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Captain Tuttle4890d ago

It was a good move. The PS2 is outselling the PS3. Not a good thing no matter how you spin it.

power of Green 4890d ago

I was just saying sothething to this effect in the, Sony sticking to their ten year plan thread.

marionz4890d ago

but most people that owned one have upgraded to the 360 now anyway, microsoft established a fan base with the first console and fully sold it with the second console, that was their plan and it worked! good on them cos coming into the console wars when playstation was a household name made the market pretty hard for them to crack but MS has doen a great job

True Gamer4890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

''but most people that owned one have upgraded to the 360 now anyway''

Last time I checked the xbox 360 had sold 10 million units, while the xbox 1 sold 24 million.

And Microsoft said that out of those 10 million only half owned an xbox 1.

Conclusion: Only 20% of the original xbox 1 userbase has upgraded to an xbox 360.

grifter0244890d ago

So whats your point?? How would Msoft know who bought a xbox1 and 360?? This is good news even thought you try to put a bad spin to it Gamr. I really liked what they did and support it. I think what their doing is marvelous . They are starting with the next gen..well I guess you can call it this gen now since all systems are here. They brought out all the stops and now sony is copying them. I know some people will say that sony was going to make streamlined movie and tv show downloads anyway.. but since 360 came first most people see this is copying. The 360 is leading this gen and its doing so at a pretty good pace.

True Gamer4890d ago

I wasn't trying to put a bad spin to it. I just stated the facts.

Yeah the xbox 360 is doing well, I won't deny that, but it wouldn't hurt if Microsoft supported the xbox 1 a little longer. They dropped out the support for the original xbox so fast it makes some people nervous on picking up an xbox 360.

frostbite064890d ago

Nervous? I doubt anyone is asking themselves wether or not to pick up a 360 because of the sudden lack of support for the original xbox.

gogators4890d ago

the reliability of the 360, than MS just dropping further support for the 360.

DJ4890d ago

"The PS2 is outselling the PS3. Not a good thing no matter how you spin it."

Sony is making a lot of money off the PS2.
Developers are making a lot of money off the PS2.
Publishers are making a lot of money off the PS2.
The PS2 has been out for 7 years.

That didn't even require spin. A healthy PS2 market is not harmful to the PS3 market, notably because the PS3 is completely backwards compatible with PS2 titles (no risk). The PS2 is also very cheap, so it's not like the price will bog down owners from upgrading to a PS3 when they feel comfortable doing so.

PS2 is helping fund PS3, which is great for everyone. It's the reason publishers and developers love how Sony handles things. Microsoft on the other hand was harshly criticized due to the short life cycle that it enforced. Can you imagine how many great Xbox titles could have been released had Microsoft not chosen to shut down Xbox support in mid-2005? Publishers have been wondering just as much as us.

Can you seriously imagine if Sony had stopped all PS2 support back in mid-2006? Or, if we do a more accurate time-frame comparison, back in mid-2004?

Captain Tuttle4890d ago

There's a good chance they wouldn't be able to make PS3's fast enough. Unless the PS3 is just too expensive and has crappy games.

sak5004890d ago

Sony's making loss on each PS3 and by not selling it its even incurring additional loss. The developer's who have invested in making games for pS3 are loosing money. And how much money do u think sony's making out of el cheapo Ps2, to cover the losses of ps3 division?

FadeToBlack4890d ago

Thats about the same amount of time the ps2's graphics have been obsolete. Even compared to the original xbox they were garbage. Even some of the great games it has, I can't bare to play them especially on a large TV.

Daewoodrow4889d ago

I wouldn't be so sure. I have no idea how much the PS3 cost to develop and produce, but it is bound to be more than i'd make in a decade. If they can't get the PS3 to gain more momentum than the PS2, which comparatively now costs them sod all to make, they'll never break even on the PS3.

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