Hyenas | Official Gameplay Trailer

SEGA : This is HYENAS. Feast your eyes on the explosive full gameplay reveal trailer and get ready to create chaos, fly in zero-G, and most importantly: GET. THE. MERCH.

lellkay190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

It's like a team wrote down all of the worst and most cliched elements from the last 10 years and smooshed in all together.

looks awful, suspect it to flop.


It's Increasingly Hard To Be Excited About The Gaming Industry

2023 has been perhaps the biggest year in gaming in a long time, but the constant lay-offs and greed prove no success is ever enough.

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DeusFever144d ago

“constant lay-offs and greed”

It’s almost like gaming is controlled by a few giant corporations and not a bunch of great folks who are your friends.

Crows90143d ago

It's almost like game development is a business and not a charity

Vits144d ago

I think that for consumers this was a pretty solid year. We have some bad releases (UE5, in particular, has been rather shit), but we also have some amazing titles and there are still a lot of good things scheduled for the end of the year.

For developers and aspirant developers. It was a very shit year, the gaming industry has never been seen as a good environment. But the huge number of layoffs, closers, budget cuts, etc. Sort of cemented it as a terrible industry to invest your career in.

Lightning77144d ago

I read a comment of someone saying that the video game industry needs to do a reset and have another crash like it did 40 years ago.

100% never gonna happen. This industry is so massive it recycles itself now. Meaning ppl move around whenever a game fails or a studio shuts down. A reset isn't bad release anymore. If ppl want a reset it's stop buying MTX expansions, season passes, early access and even the games themselves. Again that'll never happen. The industry is like 50x the size it was in the 80's not including mobile.

What do you think though.

Vits144d ago

For the industry as a whole, I think it's impossible. Mobile alone would guarantee that a crash would be unthinkable.

As for specific segments of the industry like consoles. I also don't see a crash happening, but I do see a future where there are much less AAA titles and much less studios/publishers. Not only because of the recent acquisitions but also because the model is very scary from the point of view of risk especially for publicly traded companies and unfortunately almost all of the giants are in that category.

And from the point of view of developers, it is basically what I already said. The game industry has always been a bad place to invest your career and is probably getting worse.

darthv72144d ago

the "crash" was really only in NA. JP and EU were not phased. If one did happen again, it would likely be much wider in scope due to gaming being much more prevalent now than 40 years ago.

Minute Man 721143d ago

That crash only happened in America

shinoff2183143d ago


I think your absolutely right. It's to big to fail, I don't think it will ever fail again. It would be nice to see people stop buying all the extra stuff so we could get back to regular releases like the old days before internet on consoles imo

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jwillj2k4143d ago

Blaming the tool developers chose to make their game and not the game itself is crazy, your a wild boy lol

Vits143d ago

I'm specifically talking about the performance characteristics of those games that are the common ground between all three. And if you honestly believe that an engine has no say in how a game behaves and what it can do, I don't see how to even have a discussion.

jwillj2k4143d ago

The devs chose the tool and created the game, this rendering you’re entire argument bill and void lmao. Like I said you’re a wild boy! 🤣

Minute Man 721143d ago


12 GB of memory will do that to games

Vits143d ago

So your "argument" is that the dev chose the tool. But you fail to realize that I'm criticizing the tool and not the game or the devs. That is really sad, but unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

@Minute Man 721

That only holds true for consoles. Even the most powerful hardware available for PCs with dozens of GBs for video memory suffered from the same issues.

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SeTTriP143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Game development is a hight stakes high reward industry (always has been) where you front load millions even hundreds of millions in the hopes or confidence that you'll see it returned with profits and just like any industry that fit the category I mentioned, we'll you have winners and losers and those who lose lose big.

isarai144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

As soon as microtransactions and "online passes" became a thing it's been downhill ever since. And honestly at this point I've only been excited for like 2 games this whole generation. Ratchet and clank, and Dragons Dogma 2. There's been some other good stuff, but those are the only two where I felt genuine glee and real anticipation for.

I'm hoping Spider-Man 2 makes me feel that again, but all this talk of special exclusive pre-order bonus suits and powers is already putting a bitter taste in my mouth.

cammers1995143d ago

I remember the first time I got an online pass I was stunned. It was the PS3 version of the Sims 3. I opened the case and there it was: a serial number that I had to enter to download an online pass just to access the games online mode. 🤦‍♂️

20nmrtnz144d ago

Layoffs and studios getting shut down were always a thing. They just happen to be talked about alot these days.

Lightning77144d ago

When you have a cash cow like Fornite have 800+ employees gone Hyenas cancelled and jobs most likely being cut there. The slew of live service shut downs and lay offs that happened earlier this year also.

It's a mixture of greed and a saturated LS push games. Why not bunker down and create compelling single player games or SP with multiplayer like the old times.

Though that's easier said than done because Immortals Of Aveum has decent scores but also suffered lay offs because the game didn't sell that well. Then again Aveum struggled to get into the conversation of anticipated games. It released at a bad time and overall interest and coverage for the game wasn't there and if course being a new IP and that's always a uphill battle.

This industry is interesting. Go off on your own and gamble with your livelihood and possibly get eatin alive and struggle to get your game in the limelight or go with a mega publisher and sell out your creative freedom to investors share holders, bosses who only care about money all while still knowing you have no job security.