Titant Quest 2 Is The Myth-Themed Diablo I Need Right Now

We need more diversity in the genre dominated by grim and gory games.

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kryteris115d ago

That depends if there is end game or not. D4 was doing great until the story ended.

anast115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

The writer needs a bright game...


THQ Nordic Previews Titan Quest 2 and More | COGconnected

THQ Nordic revealed several upcoming new games, including Titan Quest 2, Outcast-A New Beginning, Space for Sale and South Park: Snow Day!

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Titan Quest II Announced for PC and Consoles as an Open World Game Powered by UE5

THQ Nordic announced Titan Quest II. In development at Grimlore Games for PC and consoles, it's an open world game powered by Unreal Engine 5.

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RaidenBlack120d ago

Titan Quest 1 was/is a low-key good ARPG

Relientk77120d ago

Finally after all these years we're getting a sequel to Titan Quest! What a great announcement!

jznrpg120d ago

As long as it like the first game and not a GaaS like Diablo I’ll buy it

Crows90120d ago

I'll wait for reviews as always but I'd say being better than diablo is like being better than a turd...not that hard.

jznrpg120d ago

I just don’t want it to be a GaaS

neutralgamer1992120d ago

it's THQ so chances are these won't have MT. SZome publishers are just very greedy

Kados120d ago

Shweet. A sequel never really crossed my mind for some reason, but looking forward to it now.

120d ago
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