"Discovering the Secrets of Mortal Kombat: Interview with Richard Divizio, Original Actor"

In this revealing interview, you'll have the chance to meet Richard Divizio, the original actor behind some of the iconic characters from Mortal Kombat…

TGMER304d ago

Great interview with a lot of history and details on how MK was created 10/10


Mondo Reveals Mortal Kombat Poster

Interesting artwork. Before you finish them, make sure to grab Mondo's latest poster drop! The vividly striking Mortal Kombat poster with artwork by Lewis LaRosa is available now for purchase. The Mortal Kombat poster (MSRP: $85) is now available for purchase until June 17th.


Didn’t Expect To See You Here: 5 Influential Fighting Game Guest Characters

Trevor Walker said: Fighting games have always been able to simultaneously experiment and innovate while staying true to their roots in the best of ways. Mechanics change, crossovers take place, and evolution occurs. One of the best examples of all three can be seen in the coveted guest character.

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The 7 Best Mortal Kombat Mini Games

The fighting genre is full of mini-games, from Street Fighter's car destruction to Tekken Ball. Here's the best Mortal Kombat mini games.

TheBrainZ120d ago

Motor Kombat could've been more than a mini-game.