EA Sports FC 24 Is Built On 30 Years Of Pursuing Football Authenticity

WellPlayed chats with EA Sports FC 24 Senior Producer about how the game is aiming to be the most realistic football experience yet.

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Inverno301d ago

PR in full affect, then people realize it's the same trash from 5 years ago. How do people still fall for marketing hype? I'm a complete idiot and I don't fall for that ish!


yep that is all sports games out there

Ninver301d ago

BS. I say release a demo and let the gamers be the judge. I bet it's a copy paste job.

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EA FC 24 announces UEFA Euro 2024 official release date

Just in time for kick off.


Lead your nation to Euros glory with EA Sports FC 24’s Euros update

There’s no better way to get hyped than by jumping into the Euros content brought to EA Sports FC 24, and EA Sports FC Mobile.

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Boycott EA trends on X as community savages FC 24

EA has come under fire for making unexpected changes to its FC 24 Team of the Season unlocks.

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anast30d ago

It's like boycotting 'your' local crack dealer. I'm sure it will change everything...

JackBNimble29d ago

Well if people don't buy their shit then they ain't gonna be a crack dealer for long aren't they.

anast29d ago

This is like telling a junkie to stop being a junkie.

Xzila1130d ago

they manipulated the pack weight and admitting it on twitter

Kaozz197930d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Stop buying the fucking game! It is no secret that the game is based around opening packs that need to be bought with real money if you want to be competitive. Yes I know, you have the chance to get the cards without investing real money, but that is a real grind and you still may never get the cards you want. This is not new and it will not change if people keep buying the game/packs.

TheColbertinator30d ago

Stop buying the game. EA won't make any more improvements and will charge full price again for new roster updates and UT.

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