Baldur's Gate 3 Getting Big Patch With Over 1,000 Fixes & Tweaks

Baldur's Gate 3 has recently been released and is impressing many with its depth and complexity.

Yet, a natural consequence of depth and complexity is the presence of issues, and Larian is currently hammering away at the game to make the experience even more polished.

VersusDMC105d ago

So much for those "polish that puts other AAA games to shame" and "finally a complete game at launch" articles...

Why do journalists need to make shit up when there's so much to actually praise about the game?

Abriael105d ago

Likely because they have not played the game past the first few hours. The game is pretty polished until you get to act 3. Then the problems show.

It's still great, but it's not as polished as people allege.

Eonjay105d ago

How far did you get? Did you already finish it?

Abriael105d ago

Not yet, I'm in act 3 and considering pausing until the update for smoother sailing toward the ending.

Christopher105d ago

I mean, comparatively, it's playable and looks good which you can't say for multiple AAA games released this year so far. The level for 'polish' has been lowered greatly in this age of day 1 through 30 patches.

VersusDMC105d ago

Well if you're saying at least it's not Redfall...that's not really "polish that puts AAA to shame". And there are clearly AAA games with more polish than BG3. And they don't have 3 years to polish it after already charging 60 for it.

Christopher105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

***that's not really "polish that puts AAA to shame".***

TLoUP2 on PC. Jedi: Survivor. Redfall. Diablo 4 QoL/Endgame. It's not just Redfall. Let alone the huge developer commentary on "don't expect us to make games with as much content as that one from a much smaller studio and who has been 100% transparent about the whole process, we're going to sell you less content and hide away the whole process and our ideas behind marketing talk and half-truths."

***And they don't have 3 years to polish it after already charging 60 for it. ***

Umm... they absolutely do. Early Access doesn't mean less development time, it just means for part of it you also can play part of the game. And it changed a lot from day 1 to pre-release. Most games take 5+ years to develop and for RPGs a ton of it is in content creation and design and BG3 didn't even have an early access of all of act 1 and release had meatier act 2 and act 3 with content not even in early access at all.

Abriael105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

You likely haven't gotten to Act 3.

Also, VersusDMC said 3 years to polish *after already charging 60 for it."

Having part of the revenue frontloaded certainly helps stretch development times as needed.

The problem is, of course, that it's sketchy. "Pay me now and I'll give you a product in 3 years" certainly is advantageous for the developer, and it's ok for smaller devs, but we really shouldn't hope it becomes a norm for the industry.

Don't get me wrong, it's overall a great game, but all the putting on a pedestal is unwarranted, and mostly due to not having gotten to the frustrating and janky parts yet.

Christopher105d ago

*** Also, VersusDMC said 3 years to polish *after already charging 60 for it." ***

Doesn't matter, though, in the discussion of comparing Larian to the others, IMHO. Those other companies are AAA companies with massive funding. Why are we acting like Larian is on the same level as EA studios when they needed crowd funding to come in with less money to make a bigger and better game? I think we're doing a bit of 'forgiving' of those other companies with tens of millions of dollars to put into a game upfront compared to Larian. Not that Larian is perfect, but if Larian can do what they do, why can't these others do more and better with way more funding?

The fact that people are equating Larian to the likes of EA, Blizzard, PlayStation tells me that Larian has elevated themselves very quickly with this one game. Or, perhaps, gamers only elevate people for the purpose of complaining but not for what they do otherwise.

***You likely haven't gotten to Act 3. ***

The fact it takes that long compared to the majority of the list I mentioned... But, I completely understand it's not perfect or bug free. But, it is still a better experience yet than other games from companies with massive financial backing and number of developers alone.

***but all the putting on a pedestal is unwarranted***

I definitely think it deserves it for the content and gameplay, but not for being bug free.

Abriael104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I think many forget that Larian isn't exactly a small studio. Yes. It's not EA, Ubisoft, or such.

But it's not a small indie team either. It's a fairly large company capable of supporting 450 employees.

Christopher104d ago

I'd note that's 450 employees for development and publishing.



I just think people are elevating the studio for one argument but leaving it where it was for others. It seems weird. I think I've said my piece, whether you agree or not. I'm going to go back and enjoy the game, maybe eventually even make my own owlbear from the top, and hope other developers learn from what Larian accomplished that is good here while Larian learns from their own mistakes.

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Eonjay105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I will pick this up on PS5 and by the time I get through it, it will probably be patched to high heaven.

My second hope would be that they fix as many bugs as they can and THEN release a physical copy. This may seem counter intuitive but think about it plus the mastered disc version will be good enough to stand on its own.

Either way considering the scope of the game and the size of the dev team it's still very impressive.

Charlieboy333104d ago

But I heard it was so perfect it didn't need to be touched?


Baldur’s Gate 3 Is Great, But It's Missing One Big Feature

Baldur's Gate 3 has great armor, but it doesn't always look great when put together. A glamour system like the one in Final Fantasy 14 could fix that.

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Crows901h ago(Edited 1h ago)

For your penance go do a marathon ...or you can click again.


Baldur's Gate 3 Release on Xbox to Include 3 Discs with Patch 5 Pre-Installed

Larian Studios recently revealed some important details about Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox version.

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darthv722d ago

Im confused... the SX supports 100gb UHD discs as proven by its ability to play the 100gb UHD bluray movies like Blade Runner 2049 and Dark Knight (I have watched both on even my One X) yet there does not seem to be any games released for it using that capacity disc. it makes me wonder if MS just does not require such a thing because it tends to cost more for the higher capacity disc than the lower ones. Plus the games install anyway instead of run from the discs.

Sony seems to use the 100gb UHD discs even on games that could fit perfectly fine on a 50gb (or smaller) disc. Every physical game i have for PS5 all say UHD Bluray on them. This game will likely use 3 50gb discs for XB and 2 100gb discs for PS.

sparky772d ago

Xbox only supports that for movies not games, Sony used their seat on the Bluray board to ensure they limited Xbox as much as possible.

For games the supported discs:
PlayStation 5: BD-66, BD-100
Xbox Series X: BD-25, BD-50

Luckily 50GB is more than enough since pretty much every games requires a massive download to play these days.

darthv722d ago

So you're telling me XB can play the movies on BD100, but they can't use the discs themselves for games? Seems kind of shady to be restricted from using that medium when their drives support it.

Is that some form of retaliation for XB using UHD drives in the One S and One X before Sony?

jwillj2k42d ago

Got a source for this? Sounds like a lawsuit if true

QuantumMechanic2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Sony does disc replication itself whereas MS has to contract a third-party to manufacture its discs. That third-party contract constrains MS' choice of disc capacity via cost. MS doesn't give a flying F about physical media, so it picks the cheaper discs. Xbox Series consoles may also use lower quality disc drives.

S2Killinit1d 23h ago

Blaming Sony for MS shortcomings?

DarXyde1d 21h ago

So where is the evidence of Sony blocking this? Or are you just vomiting from your ass again?

I swear, such sloppy stupidity.

More likely, MS didn't anticipate it being an issue for games with modern compression technology or that their consumers disproportionately favor digital content.

Stop the madness.

shinoff21831d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

You got a link for that sparky77? Pretty hard accusation with no proof.

Ra30301d 10h ago

Well if true Sony did this it sure sounds like a great move like they knew what they were doing.

mjchitown1d 8h ago

dude you made up that lie. both sx and ps5 hell even xboxone and ps4 can used 100gb UHD discs. the reason why dev's dont used it cause its expensive. please stop making up lies.

BeHunted1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )


You’re saying Sony has a monopoly on UHD Blu ray for games, preventing rival platforms from using it?

Seems like they're breaking the Law, if True

Z5011d 6h ago

Source for that claim?

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franwex2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I too have ponder this and have two theories.

1: UHD Blu-ray discs are more expensive to produce due to licensing fees while actual production costs being similar to regular Blu-rays. So much so that Larian actually saves money to use 3 discs instead of 2. Sony just like during the PS3 era is forcing everyone to use UHD discs for games. Even if the game is 5 gigs.

Theory 2: Microsoft isn’t supporting UHD Blu-rays for games to save money on licensing fees and figuring that regular Blu-rays are good enough. Similar to the 360 keeping DVDs. This makes sense too as most games require a giant patch to fully install the game-even if they’re on UHD-discs and digital is getting more prevalent anyway. Xbox doesn’t have to update their manufacturing facilities either also saving money. Crossgen games work offline too eliminating 2 skus.