Xbox Introduces Enforcement Strike System

As Xbox continues to foster a safe and inclusive environment, we are introducing an enforcement strike system to help players better understand how their actions on the platform impact their overall gaming experience. Learn more inside.

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darthv72107d ago

It takes 8 strikes to get banned... that is pretty generous.

theindiearmy107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Reaching a number of strikes will result in different lengths of ban and offenses can result in multiple strikes. Hate speech is three strikes, was an example given. Which results in a 3-day ban if the person committed the offense with zero strikes already on record.

Vengeance1138107d ago

Literally no such thing as "hate speech", that's just a term for people to use on things they don't like and disagree with.

RpgSama107d ago


While I do NOT agree that there is no such thing as hate speech (there certainly is), not EVERYTHING that you disagree with should be considered such, I'm more worried about who is going to review this, who will determine what is hate speech and what is not?

Crows90107d ago

That's ridiculous. Hate speech is a broad term that changes on a whim. Isn't an insult hateful? What if the person feels offended even if nothing hateful was said?

More and more these systems just mean we got to tip toe while at the same time shelling out tons of cash to these corporations. Keep your opinions to yourself and let me play the game I paid for however I like. If you ban me from playing or using the console then they should be forced to give a full refund of all purchases.

Father__Merrin107d ago

Hate speech is meaningless I've reported many times on social media clear damning hate speech Inc threats to life and it's always a case of it doesn't go against our community standards

shinoff2183106d ago


Vengeance there's definitely a thing called hate speech. It only doesn't exist for people who wanna play dumb.

NotoriousWhiz106d ago

Racial slurs count as hate speech. This is obvious.

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Markdn107d ago

I'll be banned in 48 hrs lol

Asplundh107d ago

Same I don't ever start it, but when I get a trash talking message I do respond back.


Notellin107d ago

@darthv72 always first to comment with nothing to say.

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ghostrider32107d ago

If this was a thing during the 360 days, 95% of the community would be banned. The game chat was that toxic.

Sciurus_vulgaris107d ago

One of my favourite memories from the 360 chat is hearing a foul mouthed kid get screamed at by his even more foul mouthed mother.

crazyCoconuts107d ago

I think you and I must have been in the same lobby that sounds so familiar lol
I only do party chat anymore.

Concertoine107d ago

I miss public lobby chat so much. No one uses it anymore.

CrimsonWing69107d ago

god this is stupid. I say make zones for MP. Like make some safe zone and enforce this there, then make some Wild West like zone for MP where anything goes. If I say, "Oh sh*t!!!" and that offends someone am I getting a strike and possible suspension?

I remember back in the 360 days when verbal diarrhea was expected when playing an MP game and people laughed it all off or got off the game. People are so weak now...

blackblades107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Your stupid, no one likes getting messaged with hate and nonesense language over a video game. Its not trash talking this foul language nasty words personally messaged to you. Most people had to block and change privacy setting because it was so bad. If Sony had this I'll definitely get these people banned.

CrimsonWing69107d ago

It’s spelled “You’re,” stupid.

niiopi107d ago

"People are so weak now..."

Says the blank photo profile, like most of you "trash talkers". If you aren't so weak why don't you put a pic of you and your cheetoh stained shirt on your profile then? LOL

Tacoboto107d ago

"back in the 360 days when verbal diarrhea was expected when playing an MP game"

Huh and then the playerbase moved to PS4 away from Xbox Live's cesspool, while public open chats were taken out of more and more games without backlash.

Maybe verbal diarrhea isn't the selling point the 2008 version of yourself thought it was.

crazyCoconuts107d ago

I'm sure everyone draws their line in a different place. No profanity is tough for me - I think I'd have to stay muted

Christopher107d ago

Yes. It's the "Oh shit!" that people say that gets them suspensions. C'mon now, we all know the stuff people say that leads to suspensions and it's not a one-off curse of the shit variety.

CrimsonWing69107d ago

Who’s to say that doesn’t “offend” someone? It says you can get suspended for bad language. You don’t think some dip sh*t couldn’t make a case for that?

Back in the day they had Zones where you choose a zone and it would match make you to others in that zone. Things like Recreation, Pro, Family, and Underground.

I feel like they should try to get that better implemented and then enforce this for Zones where that aren’t “Underground”.

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JEECE107d ago

It's always surprising to me that people are still using in game VOIP and messaging systems. Now that Discord is available on consoles, why on earth are people still talking to randos on crappy VOIP systems? I guess you could still be reported for something on discord but it seems unlikely since you'd presumably know the people.

franwex107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

It’s easier. Having another app just to chat when there’s already one available where most friends probably are at already. At least on consoles.

JEECE107d ago

I mean if you are talking about party chat on Xbox or PlayStation I agree, that's just as good as Discord if you are playing with a console-only group. I just have a much bigger group of friends who use Discord at this point than who still primary use the party system on PSN.