Five DS Games You Missed in 2008

Play Online writes:

"One of the strengths of the DS as a gaming platform is that, because of its worldwide popularity, it has received a library of games that is absolutely stunning not only in scope but also in size. The problem with such a situation, however, is that it is dreadfully easy for good games to get lost in the shuffle, as both a high amount of releases each month and a set selection of "guaranteed" hits can make it hard to know what lesser-known titles are worth tracking down.

So, as we prepare to step into the world of gaming that 2009 has in store for us, let me take a moment to look back to 2008, and briefly talk about five great DS titles that it's quite likely you may have missed."

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PS360WII4348d ago

Hmm actually I only missed one of those games: Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation and I think we know why...