Ready at Dawn changes the God of War-font

Yesterday, the world of PSP was turned upside down. Ready at Dawn (known for the PSP-hit Daxter) updated their website with a new PSP title, called 'Unannounced PSP title. When you clicked on it, the site went red and you could clearly see the words 'Coming Soon' in God of War-font.

Today, Ready at Dawn updated their site again. When you click on the 'Unannounced PSP title', the site will still turn red, but you won't see the God of War-font! Instead, you see some kind of weird font, which might remind you of happy platformers like Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter. Click on the 'Full Story'-link to see the new font.

The reason why it's changed remains unknown. Did the previous logo reveale to much about Ready at Dawn's new project?

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