Forza Motorsport Promotes Social and Competitive Online Racing - Forza

Cars. Competition. Creativity.

thesoftware730107d ago

Read the words of a developer...maybe it will be clear.


Obscure_Observer107d ago


Thanks! That was a very reasonable explanation for such a complex problem.

Luc20107d ago

This is just one man's opinion... also from the same thread...'if people want it, it's up to the devs to figure it out, no? Plus it didn't seem to be an issue on much much weaker hardware. Yes the visuals weren't comparable to today but I should think the hardware/visual output ratio has stayed relatively the same, just more power these days and higher fidelity.

If there is a demand for a feature "because it's hard" isn't really an excuse to not do it. If it sells games, they'all find a way.'

4Sh0w107d ago (Edited 107d ago )


...but does it? Yeah back in the day when there was no online splitscreen was a major feature, today we can play with anyone in the world so its not so much a thing anymore, I think more people on n4g cry about it than people who actually use it for a significant amount of gametime.

As for the rest yes splitscreen requires a ton more resources for all the assets in modern games, so yes its a big concern for devs, especially if they are pushing graphics & prioritizing content, modes features, etc...and for what?...something the lions share gamers won't use anymore than a few times if that?...because the vast majority will prefer their entire big screen to race against unlimited online competitors whenever they choose to. How many racing games or games in general even have splitscreen these days?

__SteakDeck__106d ago

@4Sh0w Lol I really wonder what you would have said if this was a Sony game?

4Sh0w106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Why do you see anything in my comment history with BS about ps games, nope...and I criticize Microsoft when warranted. What I said was true, so why u mad?

shadowT107d ago

Feature parity with Xbox Series S?

Yi-Long107d ago

I … I actually just care about an expansive cool SP campaign/career mode, Forza …

dumahim107d ago

Same. It's what I'm craving, but this GAAS and always online junk is really turning me off. Pondering if my video game racing days are over with.

mrcatastropheAF107d ago

Nobody gives af about splitscreen anymore yall stop the cap. Vocal minority vs a silent majority on this one and yall know it

thesoftware730107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Lol, go look at the Forza missing features thread...I honestly tried to make them aware of the fact that the couch co-op is no longer a major concern for devs, and that only for specific games it's implemented.

They argued me up and down to fit their narrative, it's quite hilarious. Look at Luc20 comment above...he is disputing a dev about why split screen is seen as not worth it for many devs, yet they run with the BG3 devs comments about the SS lol.

We all know that is the only reason why all of a sudden, split screen, a feature that has been next to dead for like 10 years now is the most requested feature lol...really game breaking stuff.

glenn1979107d ago

but these noobs on this site do, for me I don't care about split screen either

__SteakDeck__106d ago

@mrcatastropheAF @Julion0715 @thesoftware730 @glenn1979 Lol Tell that to Nintendo. You Xbox zealots blindly defend anything MS puts out, or doesn’t put out. Phil was right about ya’ll. Lol

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giovonni107d ago

This whole split screen is much to complain about nothing. Be honest, split screen has been a non factor in gaming for at least ten years. I definitely won’t play forza split screen either it’s best enjoyed full screen on a 70 inch online against a competitor.

__SteakDeck__106d ago

Lol Tell that to Nintendo. Also the 2021 GOTY was a split screen game. Keep Coping.

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Markdn38d ago

Nice review and a fair outcome. I'm really enjoying the new forza, but defo not built from ground up. And hardly a step forward.

Father__Merrin38d ago

Been playing this a while now it's not as good as previous games. Even the menues are bland it's got some very old car models there and even in performance mode seems to have an aggressive motion blur. Not impressed at all

SirBruce37d ago

A RTX 4070 should run this game with no problem at 4K/60 RT and everything at ultra... please, fix it ASAP Turn10, it is still like a beta.


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Jin_Sakai40d ago

Talk about a step backwards. And nearly 6 years in the making. It’s like Xbox studios complete with each other on making the worst games possible.

40d ago
TheColbertinator38d ago

Playground Games is becoming the better studio with more fun games in mind.

VariantAEC38d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing, PGG definitely has the potential to be better, at the very least, PGG is making some of Microsoft's most polished games.

Reaper22_38d ago

Another bogus Forza claim from the same website. Just move on people.

Hypertension14038d ago


Here's how the AI compares to GT7.