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Remasters don't get much better than this. Kudos, Nightdive Studios!

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SimpleSlave108d ago

THIS is a remaster. In every way possible. But more importantly in the place that matter most, the gameplay department. The controls feel so much better than the original and it lets the game shine in ways it never did. The shooting is more responsive and the movement much tighter. It also tone down the sliding feeling and the weird Mouse look movement. It just works.

I played the QuakePro mod and while it did good things I found the original gameplay was still quite cumbersome. Not anymore bay bay. This things is near perfect.

NOW I can see why some consider this game better than Quake 1. NOW I see it.

...And it might just be.

Richhard1108d ago

It’s alright. Nothing spectacular

fsfsxii108d ago

Sick ass game fr
No battle pass, no skill trees, just your gun and your strafing ability. Pure gaming fun.

Rhythmattic107d ago

Next ups Q3 Arena.. but with a campaign!... Mwhahahahahahhaahaha


Quake 2 (PS5) Review - Only The Strogg Survive | Cultured Vultures

A brilliant standard setter for remasters and re-releases going forward, Quake 2 feels like a love letter to one of the grandfathers of boomer shooters.

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DefenderOfDoom2105d ago

Tried the Quake 2 multiplayer on PS4: for a couple of hours last night
Had a lot of fun .


Review - Quake II Remaster (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "This is possibly the best remastering effort by Nightdive I have ever seen. This isn’t just “a means to play Quake II on modern platforms”. Just like how a remaster should be, it is the ultimate way to play Quake II, the one version to rule above any other, the port that makes every single previously released iteration feel like unplayable garbage as a comparison. Add in the content previously available on the Nintendo 64 version, a brand new campaign by the makers of the new Wolfenstein games, and addictive multiplayer matches, and all for less than ten bucks? This is a no-brainer. This is. Go forth, retro shooter fans, this is the comfort food you’ve been waiting for."

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Futureshark109d ago

Be good if they could do Half-Life next.


Quake II Release Notes & FAQ

The legendary sci-fi action FPS is enhanced and now available on modern platforms!

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