THQ Nordic Has 20 Unannounced Games in Development

THQ Nordic has 20 unannounced games cooking in the oven, which was confirmed after the THQ Nordic Showcase 2023 event.

coolbeans286d ago

Hopefully one of those is Kingdoms of Amalur II. I've critiqued it heavily before, but the series deserves another spot.

jznrpg285d ago

A flawed game but I had fun running through it

neutralgamer1992285d ago

Kingdom of Amular 2

Saints row 1-2 HD remasters

Darksiders 4(all all 4 horsemen RPG, each horseman carrying their respective game mechanics)

0hMyGandhi285d ago

I haven't played the third Darksiders, have you? is it any good?

neutralgamer1992284d ago

It’s a much better game now after all updates. Definitely worth it

blackblades284d ago

I remember when they went bankrupted and had to sale some pieces. 20 games in development seems like over doing but of course I don't know how big they are now bit I do know they did buy alot of studios since there rough years.

Chriswheeler22284d ago

That was actually another company called THQ. This is THQ in name and IP

Demetrius284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Saints row 1&2 not even on that list of so called games getting worked on I bet, they neglect them so much mane and knowing damn well they're fan favorites, smh

Charal284d ago

I would prefer they focus on Gothic remake 😅


Embracer Group to split into three separate companies

In a bold move to revamp its operations and reputation, Embracer Group has announced plans to divide into three distinct entities.

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purple1012h ago

Splits into 3, so 3 times as many middle managers, never a good thing isn’t that what ruined them in the first place ?

1h ago
rlow156m ago

From the sound of it. Each company will be separate from each other.


Embracer to Release 70 Projects Before March 31, 2025, Includes 3 "Important Unannounced Titles"

Embracer Group plans to release 70 game projects before March 31, 2025, with three "important unannounced titles" included in the release.

Knightofelemia3h ago

They may not have a plan to exit gaming. But give it time they will eventually sell off everything and fade away into nothing.


Stellar Blade has sold more physical copies than Dragon's Dogma 2 in Japan, despite PS5 exclusivity

By the looks of it, PlayStation 5 exclusivity does not hurt the sales of Stellar Blade in Japan as the game has passed 90,000 sold physical copies.

Hugodastrevas10h ago

Stellar Blade really deserves way more praise than it got, devs have been adding more and more content, for free, since release and the game already was great to begin with!

BrettAwesome7h ago

More than it got? It got tons, by everyone except the sad wankers who's idea of a sex life, is pulling on their dicks while watching big fake cgi titties 😂

Cacabunga7h ago

I think we can safely claim that Stellar Blade 2 is confirmed!
I got it day one, i have some backlog due to RDR2 i just platinumed.. i will get to Stellar Blade in the near future

shinoff21836h ago

Same but I'm hitting yakuza right now. Stellar blade looks cool though.

neutralgamer19925h ago

Capcom really dropped the ball with DG2. They had easy success on their hand but instead with their stupid decisions ruined the games success

Stellar blade is an amazing game and deserves all the success. For all the artificial hate it got from people who had no interest in the game to begin with this shows if you make a good game it will sell. The so called 1st party drought from PlayStation has meant 4 exclusives in 2024 so far. Other companies need to learn how to run a business and plan for the future

H99h ago

Stellar blade is performing very impressively there, DD2 didn't do well because word of mouth destroyed it's reputation and not about the Microtransactions or performance, bad word of mouth about how the game lacks so many things that were in the first one

Redemption-647h ago

DS2 sold 2.5M in a little over a week, what the hell are you talking about?

H97h ago

"there", that's Japan, this article is about Japan, the bad word of mouth is about Japan

Hereandthere8h ago

Exclusives matter. No matter what bumbling phil and bond try to say, exclusives is why you buy a console.

The_Hooligan5h ago

How dare you speak common sense!!??

jznrpg3m ago

It would if they added a lot more combat and didn’t focus on graphics

XiNatsuDragnel8h ago

Stellar blade is great excited for 2

anast8h ago

They dropped the ball with dogma. SB is a solid game, it just had to weather the social storm.