Halo 3: Fall 2007

Surprised? Probably not. Bungie's latest Weekly Update delivers the first of many promotional images to come, making official Halo 3's "Fall 2007" release window

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AngryHippo4896d ago

This will allow us to truly see what the xbox 360 can do in terms of gameplay, online as well as graphically. I seriously can't wait for this game along with GTA4 this christmas. This will be an amazing year for us gamers.

TheMART4896d ago

Dusty and others, why are articles that posted later then someone else did (in this case I gave this article earlier then Madden did) promoted to the main page?

fukuba74896d ago

lol, I read the update, and saw the promo image on Friday, but I didn't even notice that it said Fall 2007.
I guess I was distracted by the image

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