coolbeans108d ago

Surprised at the relatively high Exoprimal score tbh. It doesn't feel altogether there.

P_Bomb108d ago

Buddy of mine swears it gets better after 7-9hrs, give or take (he’s at 12hrs). I just can’t do that. But I’ll check it out next time I go to his place.

coolbeans108d ago

Sure. I joined a buddy's lobby recently and had some mindless fun with it. Even then, you can implicitly *feel* how it's not quite there with audio/visual feedback and polish. Plus, I'd be worse off by myself b/c you literally have to *grind* to unlock its better game modes - something I was forewarned about in some reviews.

P_Bomb108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Indeed, the reviews corroborate the grind needed to get to the goods. I’ll just piggyback off buddy’s save when the time comes. See how it looks and handles, at least. Then I’ll check out Remnant etc. He also picked up Atlas Fallen.

coolbeans106d ago

I picked up Atlas Fallen on a whim. I genuinely hope it's not a regrettable impulse buy.

108d ago

Remnant 2 and Remnant: From the Ashes surprise drop on Xbox Game Pass

One of the best games of the year just released to absolutely zero fanfair into Game Pass.

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Snookies121d 10h ago

Oh nice! I was kind of interested in Remnant 2. Definitely going to give it a go, in that case!

darthv721d 7h ago

It wasnt on my radar but im digging the trailer for it. I dont get much time for multiplayer games these days. This I may make an exception.

Eonjay1d 5h ago

I beat the first one when it came to PSPlus years ago. Very fun game. Beat it. When the second one comes to plus I'm definitely playing that one too.

remixx11619h ago

Get it, dont even think about it. My favorite game since elden ring

__y2jb19h ago

They’re both great single player.

Crows9018h ago

It's not a multiplayer only game. Playing it single player...

Interesting that one of the biggest surprises and biggest hits of the year wasn't in your radar.

Elda12h ago

Both games are fun as hell, especially Remnant 2 which improves on the first game.

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Daeloki1d 4h ago

It's very good, I highly recommend playing it with a friend if you have a chance. There are some puzzles and challenges that require two players to pass (optional stuff). That said, it's an absolute delight playing solo too!

Crows9018h ago

Go buy it after giving it a go

Obscure_Observer1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )


Gamepass is simply the SUPERIOR gaming service!!!

Both Remnant 2 and Remnant: From the Ashes just silently dropped on Xbox Gamepass!!!

And that´s right after Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition and Dune Spice Wars also silently drop on the service!!!

Only the finest for Xbox gamers!!!

Fantastic month!!! Outstanding year!!!

Sonyslave31d 8h ago

And the crazy thing is they might shadow drop something at TGA.

anast19h ago

Killer Instinct is nostalgic jank, Dune Spice Wars is okay, and Remnant 1 has already been handed out like candy on Halloween, But Game Pass finally got a win with Remnant 2.

__y2jb19h ago

Stop vomiting your mental illness everywhere please.

1Victor17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

@y2:”Stop vomiting your mental illness everywhere please.”
That’s offensive to vomit at least with vomit is based on reality and you can tell what made the organism sick.
Good games enjoy them game pass owners

MrNinosan1d 6h ago

It's not a surprise drop, it's a delayed drop.
This was showing up early summer as upcoming.


MrWood22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

If you read the title of the article alone… it said these games were coming to Xbox in early summer (Remnant 2 released early summer) with one title (Serious Sam) coming to Gamepass. It is definitely a surprise drop.

Armyofdarkness1d 4h ago

This is a nice addition to GP!! Remnant 2 is awesome.

BlackDoomAx1d 2h ago

Enjoy my fellow x box players. Don't sleep on the first.