Baldur's Gate 3 fans are tired of accidentally getting into relationships by being nice

Baldur's Gate 3 players are tired of accidentally getting into relationships after simply performing nice gestures.

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Abriael109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Oh, another of these "someone on reddit said this. It must be news"

It's hilarious to see websites that think a couple of posts on social media represent "XXX fans."

I promise you "Baldur's Gate 3 fans" aren't tired of a thing. Fringe opinions don't represent a fanbase and the disingenuity of this kind of article is becoming ludicrous.

No. You don't "accidentally get into relationships by being nice." You get into a relationship by leading people on, and that's not done with a single interaction.

Guess what? That's the same thing that happens in real life. If you lead people on, they'll think you're interested. Perhaps the writer should try some real-life interaction and see how it works.

Jin_Sakai109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

“Oh, another of these "someone on reddit said this. It must be news"

“It's hilarious to see websites that think a couple of posts on social media represent "XXX fans."

videogamer.com and N4G are owned by the same company so they get a free pass. Honestly it’s ruining N4G. This kind of stuff isn’t news at all.

Abriael109d ago

The wider problem is that other sites are taking notice and imitating them, and since the admins are trying to be fair, they get a free pass as well.

Jin_Sakai109d ago

Something needs to change. This isn’t even news and most people don’t want it here.

Eonjay109d ago

Yes. Any article referencing large player bases or 'fans' when the are using a random post on social media to gaslight for clicks should be banned.

dumahim109d ago

These aren't even opinion pieces. These are just "someone on the internet said something" articles.

dumahim109d ago

I don't think it's that far off though. Mostly, it's plain as day as to what is happening, but I don't like your options sometimes. I got forced into a crossroads early in Act 2 with one of them. I had to chose to go into an exclusive relationship right then and there or flat out turn them down, not exactly very kindly either. No way to delay making the choice either.

I make frequent saves, so I went with it the first time, but when I saw how everyone reacted to that and locked me out, I reloaded a bit earlier and delayed that long rest for as long as I could. What I thought was funny is that the first encounter was rather steamy. Solidifying the relationship at that crossroad point lead to a couple standing kisses and a fade to black.

fr0sty109d ago

Now the incels get a taste of their own medicine.

just_looken109d ago

Yep it seems a game that spent over 2 years on steam early access with the same content is now popular so every site must make some article on the littlest of things. Now its some reddit post's?

How about we talk about issues the game has had for over 3yrs?

The pc version with performance issues crashing and the memory leak issue?

Stuff in the Early acces build reported said to be fixed still not fixed

Or the very common 98% chance to hit then you miss 5x in a row die then half reload a entire save if its there or 4-8hrs old.

The amount of soft lock bugs should also be talked about

But naw timmy is scared of commitment to a digital sprite now that is page worthy news.

NotoriousWhiz108d ago

To be fair, I looked at the post referenced in the article. It's not just something one person wrote on the internet. It's something one person posted and a whole bunch of other people agreed with that person and shared their own experiences.

If you read through the examples, it's obvious that everyone in your party is horny.

The headline is misleading though. No one is talking about accidentally getting into relationships. They are talking about thinking one dialogue choice is innocent and then it quickly turns into something else. Gale's magic being a popular example.

Abriael108d ago

Gale's magic encounter was absolutely obvious. The second you look at the expressions of the characters and the lines, you know which options are going where.

I guess some are simply too socially inept to understand what dialogue options lead to romantic involvement without a big explicit warning, which is ludicrous.

How comes I've managed to avoid all unwanted relationships completely effortlessly? Am I a genius? Nah. I simply can read.

And yes. It's still just something someone said on reddit. There are hundreds of thousands of people playing this. The numbers in this reddit post are irrelevant in representing the community.

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ikarodemon109d ago

The numbers and reviews are de response for every question about this game!

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senorfartcushion109d ago

Most of them won't be used to it

TwistedXenos109d ago

that's why being excessively nice gets you in trouble, balance is the key to life. Just be normal.

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Crows901h ago(Edited 1h ago)

For your penance go do a marathon ...or you can click again.


Baldur's Gate 3 Release on Xbox to Include 3 Discs with Patch 5 Pre-Installed

Larian Studios recently revealed some important details about Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox version.

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darthv722d ago

Im confused... the SX supports 100gb UHD discs as proven by its ability to play the 100gb UHD bluray movies like Blade Runner 2049 and Dark Knight (I have watched both on even my One X) yet there does not seem to be any games released for it using that capacity disc. it makes me wonder if MS just does not require such a thing because it tends to cost more for the higher capacity disc than the lower ones. Plus the games install anyway instead of run from the discs.

Sony seems to use the 100gb UHD discs even on games that could fit perfectly fine on a 50gb (or smaller) disc. Every physical game i have for PS5 all say UHD Bluray on them. This game will likely use 3 50gb discs for XB and 2 100gb discs for PS.

sparky772d ago

Xbox only supports that for movies not games, Sony used their seat on the Bluray board to ensure they limited Xbox as much as possible.

For games the supported discs:
PlayStation 5: BD-66, BD-100
Xbox Series X: BD-25, BD-50

Luckily 50GB is more than enough since pretty much every games requires a massive download to play these days.

darthv722d ago

So you're telling me XB can play the movies on BD100, but they can't use the discs themselves for games? Seems kind of shady to be restricted from using that medium when their drives support it.

Is that some form of retaliation for XB using UHD drives in the One S and One X before Sony?

jwillj2k42d ago

Got a source for this? Sounds like a lawsuit if true

QuantumMechanic2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Sony does disc replication itself whereas MS has to contract a third-party to manufacture its discs. That third-party contract constrains MS' choice of disc capacity via cost. MS doesn't give a flying F about physical media, so it picks the cheaper discs. Xbox Series consoles may also use lower quality disc drives.

S2Killinit1d 23h ago

Blaming Sony for MS shortcomings?