THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2023

Tune in for the third THQ Nordic Digital Showcase to learn more about upcoming and unannounced titles

darthv72287d ago

No Darksiders 4... boooooooooo

Christopher287d ago

I thought they were done with that after the first 3 and Genesis?

smashman98287d ago

No they have to make the game where all 4 come together to take on the council.

Tacoboto287d ago

"all 4 come together"

*Sighs in GaaS*

SimpleSlave287d ago

Outcast Sequel! YOoooo!!!!! Nooice!

purple101287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Their 'ronin' game (which means lone warrior in Japanese)

Id like to point out, has nothing to do with PS5 exclusive 'Rise of the Ronin' developed by Team Ninja. (Who developed the ninja garden series. And nioh.)

Some say, I'm a wealth of useless information

Fishy Fingers287d ago

It means 'Warrior/Samurai without a lord or master'...


JaY_B1012287d ago

Right…A lone warrior…

purple101287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Another translation is "sword for hire"

Interesting isn't it.!

Like an ancient mercenary
Or perhaps assassin! Could work for good or for bad. Its upto the ronin

I'm kinda obsessed with the east. I think they get a lot right. More than the west

Such as 70year olds doing tai chi in the park at 6am, smiling from ear to ear.

Christopher287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I'm thinking it follows the comic book series that focuses on Michelangelo. Kind of why 3 of the 4 candles get snuffed out as well.

Sonic1881287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game about Michelangelo?

darthv72287d ago

the ninja garden series was super fun. chopping up rabbits as they try to eat your vegetables or slicing through weeds to keep them from overtaking the other plants.

DOMination-287d ago

Certainly a wealth of wrong information

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Relientk77287d ago

Titan Quest 2 was easily the best announcement for me. Gothic looks really good as well.


Embracer Group to split into three separate companies

In a bold move to revamp its operations and reputation, Embracer Group has announced plans to divide into three distinct entities.

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purple1013h ago

Splits into 3, so 3 times as many middle managers, never a good thing isn’t that what ruined them in the first place ?

2h ago
rlow12h ago

From the sound of it. Each company will be separate from each other.


Embracer to Release 70 Projects Before March 31, 2025, Includes 3 "Important Unannounced Titles"

Embracer Group plans to release 70 game projects before March 31, 2025, with three "important unannounced titles" included in the release.

Knightofelemia5h ago

They may not have a plan to exit gaming. But give it time they will eventually sell off everything and fade away into nothing.


Stellar Blade has sold more physical copies than Dragon's Dogma 2 in Japan, despite PS5 exclusivity

By the looks of it, PlayStation 5 exclusivity does not hurt the sales of Stellar Blade in Japan as the game has passed 90,000 sold physical copies.

Hugodastrevas11h ago

Stellar Blade really deserves way more praise than it got, devs have been adding more and more content, for free, since release and the game already was great to begin with!

BrettAwesome8h ago

More than it got? It got tons, by everyone except the sad wankers who's idea of a sex life, is pulling on their dicks while watching big fake cgi titties 😂

Cacabunga8h ago

I think we can safely claim that Stellar Blade 2 is confirmed!
I got it day one, i have some backlog due to RDR2 i just platinumed.. i will get to Stellar Blade in the near future

shinoff21837h ago

Same but I'm hitting yakuza right now. Stellar blade looks cool though.

neutralgamer19926h ago

Capcom really dropped the ball with DG2. They had easy success on their hand but instead with their stupid decisions ruined the games success

Stellar blade is an amazing game and deserves all the success. For all the artificial hate it got from people who had no interest in the game to begin with this shows if you make a good game it will sell. The so called 1st party drought from PlayStation has meant 4 exclusives in 2024 so far. Other companies need to learn how to run a business and plan for the future

H911h ago

Stellar blade is performing very impressively there, DD2 didn't do well because word of mouth destroyed it's reputation and not about the Microtransactions or performance, bad word of mouth about how the game lacks so many things that were in the first one

Redemption-648h ago

DS2 sold 2.5M in a little over a week, what the hell are you talking about?