Street Fighter 6’s Juri Will Break Your Heart With Drop-Dead Gorgeous Cosplay

The twisted beauty of Juri Han is brought to life in this breathtaking Street Fighter 6 cosplay of the "Sadistic Thrill-seeker."

IMissJimRyan114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I don't understand how this can be approved as related to games, but a developer talking about politics in its own game is off topic.

specialguest114d ago

She's just another pretty face cosplayed as a character, but doesn't quite have that devious look

specialguest114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

CBR is a trash site. Here they are now, a bunch if f**king hypocrites promoting their article about the Juri cosplayer and her beauty, when they were trashing SF6 for it

They had an article about SF6 just a month ago titled: Street Fighter 6 Didn't Have To Embarrass Itself With Sexist Fan Service ( https://www.cbr.com/sf-6-se... where they claimed SF6 was sexist, because female characters were being sexualized. They stated SF6 was less about empowerment and more about sex and infantilization. Also claiming the character Juri was pandering to a demographic that's uncomfortable with complex female characters.

OK CBR. If you really had strong feelings against SF6 female character looks, you would not promote anything related to those character's outfits. The pandering is ridiculous since it hasn't even been 2 months and you forgot about your original stance

anast113d ago

She looks cool. There's some Ellie and Joel Cosplay out there that looks insane.


Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade Release Window and Key Art Revealed

Today, at the Amusement Expo in Tokyo Big Sight, Taito and Capcom revealed the release window and the key art for Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade.

XiNatsuDragnel7d ago

Type arcade in USA and consoles plz

Abriael7d ago

Seriously? Arcade on consoles? 😂😂😂

XiNatsuDragnel7d ago

Anything Is possible 🤣🤣🤣 let man dream lol 😆

Tacoboto7d ago

... what would the point even be?

NotoriousWhiz6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Super Street Fighter 6: Arcade Edition.

DefenderOfDoom27d ago

I remember in the mid 80's going to the arcade and running out of quarters wishing there was a device to play these games at home .Then the NES was released in USA and was happy , finally I can play video games at home with arcade quality. Was a not a big fan of the ATari 2600, because the ports were terrible compared to the arcade .

aaronaton6d ago

So is this on a brand new Vewlix?? Great to see the arcade scene still functioning in Japan, at least one country still has a pulse!


Street Fighter 6 Reveals Fun and Extravagant Outfit 3 Costumes for 18 Launch Characters

Today Capcom officially revealed the Outfit 3 costumes for the Street Fighter 6 characters that were included in the game at launch.

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RupeeHoarder11d ago

Will this cost more than TLOU2 DLC?


Street Fighter 6 Black Friday deals 2023 - a third has been knocked off the price at Amazon

Ben writes: "The best prices we've found so far this Black Friday for Capcom's latest beat-em-up, Street Fighter 6 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC."

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autobotdan12d ago

I am the first to approve this? Where are all the sf fans at?

Terry_B12d ago

they know what a shitty site that is and that it results in only more articles like this getting submitted if they approve this.