MW3 ending might have been spoiled on Call of Duty actor’s TikTok

Modern Warfare 3 teases the ultimate COD threat as Makarov returns, but the MW3 ending might have already been spoiled by this Call of Duty voice actor.

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GoodGuy09311d ago

If I had to guess, a few main characters die and Makarov gets a win at the end for their to be a sequel in the works to kill Makarov...then you play as Price and kill him again lol.

Abear21310d ago

Sniper crawling in the grass with night vision goggles while he talk whispers in your ear with that cool accent. Then, right at the point when you shoot, everything goes to shit, you get captured, then tortured, but somehow escape and have to fight your way out. Obligatory helicopter in a canyon and/or bombing from above.

franwex310d ago

Considering that it’s a semi-remake. We already know pretty much what happens.

Zombieburger638310d ago

Who really cares cod is so damn boring.

SyntheticForm310d ago

Actually, the only interesting parts of Call of Duty for me are these overlooked and occasionally underappreciated storylines. The multiplayer is nothing more than a soulless money drain at this point.

The problem is that CoD's core formula is still very appealing. Quick, smooth, competitive shooter gameplay that is still really easy to pick up and play. Still fun with friends even after all these years.

Lightning77310d ago

Spoiler Alert! There's another Cod next year!

ROCKY28310d ago

Rinse wash and repeat - Activision grow some ball and throw this trash away and start creating original games again
or are you scared !

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COD Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Pride Month Freebies Released; Gundam Mobile Suit Collab Launched

Activision has not launched the Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Gundam collab cosmetics, and also freebie skins in celebration of Pride month.

Ninjamonkey8214d ago

Wish the hadn't put them among the event camos.

VenomUK14d ago

Reset Era regulars are delighted at this news.

14d ago
Elda14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Nice to have inclusivity. Happy Pride Month to the Puerto Rican community & the LGBTQ community here in NYC.

14d ago
anast14d ago

Who downvotes a comment like this?

Storm2314d ago

Yeah...the internet sucks.

Huey_My_D_Long14d ago

Welcome to the N4g. Where the gamers complain about gamer stereotypes while acting like gamer stereotypes.

Elda13d ago

Bigots & there are plenty on this site.

just_looken13d ago

The down votes because this is call of duty a first person shooter not pride month parade #45

I used to play first person shooter's for the military on military action not to watch someone with a pride flag stapled onto a cat shooting a gun from the boys on a map from my little pony.

Now you first up a game its all over your splash screen almost like a porn game can i just play a quick game like it was on the ps3 era ffs.

Elda13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's an article that's talking about COD & Pride freebies that coincides Pride month. June is the month of Pride & in the city & state of NY Puerto Rican heritage is celebrated including the LGBTQ community. You know where you can take your BS bigotry.

just_looken12d ago


Go bang a dude or be a trans i do not care just do not spread that crap in my face 24/7

I do not care if its dung beetal month i am just sick on tired of it being everywhere like the fury shit or in the old days were church's went door 2 door preaching like gtfo with your cult crap.

Elda12d ago

It goes to show how immature you are because the article didn't look for you you decided to enter the article yourself knowing you knew what the article was about from the get go. Your ignorance shows through knowing Pride month isn't just for the LGBTQ but for all cultures & communities. No one put a gun to your head to enter this article you decided to enter the article just to spew your negative bigoted BS or just maybe you entered the article out of curiosity because you're a closet case.

just_looken12d ago

I entered the article because its about call of duty a videogame because we are on a videogame website

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Daeloki13d ago

Happy Pride to you too, and have my upvote to at least try offsetting the downvotes!

12d ago
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